BMW innovations: All new models by 2021

BMW innovations until 2021
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B MW, Mini and Rolls-Royce won over 2 , 4 million cars sold. This is a new record for BMW boss Harald Krüger. BMW has built 2.1 million cars. These included 33,676 electric BMW-i models. Mini built 378,486 cars and Rolls-Royce 3,308. 2018 should be the next record year. Among other things, BMW wants to sell 140,000 electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Krüger announced that the group will have 12 electric cars in its range by 2025.

The largest market, the largest plant

The country with the highest sales for BMW is China: the group sells 595,000 vehicles there . Nowhere else does BMW sell more cars than in Europe: it was 1.1 million BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce in 2017.

BMW built most of the cars in Dingolfing in 2017, where 376,580 BMWs rolled off the assembly line. In the previous year, Spartanburg was still ahead with 411,171 cars. But while the 5 Series had a generation change in Dingolfing in 2016, production of the new X3 started in Spartanburg in 2017. In terms of value, BMW and Spartanburg are the largest car exporters in the USA, explained Krüger at the annual press conference. This year alone, 600 million euros are to be invested in the plant.

20 new BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce 2018

Krüger has announced twenty new and revised models. Before the end of this year, BMW will also be launching a new generation of infotainment, communication and driver assistance systems.

BMW ix3 is coming in 2020

In addition, BMW will be showing three electric car studies in 2018: The first fully electric BMW will be the iX3 in 2020, followed by the i4 and iNext. BMW wants to build the i4 and the iNext in Germany. Both models are said to have an electric range of 550 to 700 kilometers.

Last year, BMW invested one billion euros more than in the previous year, Harald Krüger explained at the annual press conference. BMW invested a total of 4.69 billion euros. The group has spent 6.1 billion euros on research and development - that's one billion more than in the previous year.

Swipe at Tesla

Chief Financial Officer Nicolas Peter swiped at Tesla : Maybe we don't take part in the space race. But we deliver what we set out to do. Last year, the car company achieved an EBIT margin of 8.9%. The pre-tax return for 2017 is 10.8%. Sales rose to 98.68 billion euros. Before taxes he hasGroup made more than 10 billion euros in profit for the first time with 10.7 billion euros. The shareholders are to receive 30.2% of the annual surplus; the board of directors proposed a dividend of 4 euros per share.

The BMW electric strategy

The following electric models make the start. The new electric mini will be available in 2019, followed by the BMW X3 in 2020 and the iNext in 2021. In addition, all electric BMWs will come onto the market as “i” models in the future. In addition, the Bavarians have secured the rights to 'i1' to 'i9', as well as for the crossover models 'iX1 to' iX9 '.

For 2017, the BMW Group will be electrified 100,000 according to the current status Sell ​​vehicles in order to have a total of 200,000 electric vehicles on the streets. For 2025, BMW expects a sales share of electrified vehicles between 15 and 25% for the entire group. However, factors such as legal requirements, incentive systems and the charging infrastructure play a decisive role in this forecast. At the beginning of 2019, BMW will open a competence center for battery cells in Munich. All research on battery cells is pooled there. BMW is currently developing the fifth generation of its electric drive for 2021, in which the interaction between the electric motor, transmission, power electronics and the associated battery will be further optimized. These new batteries should only get by with a minimum of rare earths. The topic of solid-state batteries will not be on the agenda at BMW until the second half of 2020. Thanks primarily to the further development of batteries, the new electric drive increases the range of purely battery-electric vehicles to up to 700 km. With plug-in hybrid models, up to 100 kilometers are possible.

But BMW is not only realigning itself when it comes to electromobility. A luxury strategy was also rolled out, which manifests itself in a black and white logo and the lettering Bayerische Motoren Werke. The models BMW X7, 7 Series, 8 Series and i8 are now included. As part of this luxury series, there are special services such as rental cars, pick-up and delivery services or invitations to gala dinners. Here you can find more information.

Here are the most important models in a brief profile. You can see all other BMW innovations in our table and the photo show.

BMW X7 (2018) costs around 100,000 euros

G07 is the name of the new series from BMW, which is produced in the USA at the Spartanburg plant rolls off the belt. This seven-seater SUV is also based on the CLAR platform. With the conventional drives, the BMW X7 will be allowed to use the group brothers. It remains to be seen whether the prestigious V12 will be available. At the IAA 2017, BMW showed the Concept X7iPerformance, a study with a petrol hybrid drive and a length of 5.20 meters.

Special feature: The BMW X7 will receive a revised infotainment architecture with voice and gesture control and will cost around 100,000 euros costs.

BMW M2 Competition (2018) gets power unit

At the end of the year, BMW will launch a faster and lighter version of the M2. The new BMW M2 Competition receives the 3.0-liter bi-turbo in-line six-cylinder from the M4. The model will probably only be launched in a limited edition.

BMW Z4 (2018) remains a Z4

Internally, the BMW Z4 has the abbreviation G29 and has a classic fabric folding roof . Technically, the new BMW Z4 makes use of the BMW shelf - it receives the axles of the current BMW M3 and, thanks to lightweight materials, should only weigh around 1,400 kilos. BMW already gave a first look at the new BMW Z4 in Pebble Beach with the Concept Z4. However, the market launch should not take place until 2019. The new Z4 has neither a diesel engine nor all-wheel drive.

Special feature: The BMW Z4 is produced in cooperation with Toyota. As a Toyota Supra, it has a fixed coupé roof. The Japanese sports car comes as an all-wheel drive, the BMW stays with the classic rear-wheel drive.

BMW X2 (2018) with individual seats in the back

The compact SUV coupé stands on the platform of the BMW X1 or the Mini Countryman that caters primarily to front wheel drive. At the market launch in March 2018, the BMW X2 will only come with the more powerful engine variants and predominantly with all-wheel drive. The basic petrol and diesel engines with 136 and 150 hp, respectively, familiar from the BMW X1, are initially left out. A pure e-version does not come, but a plug-in hybrid.

BMW 8 series (2018) also as convertible and M8

At the end of 2018 the 8 series, discontinued in 1999, will return -Series back into the Bavarian model portfolio. With a length of 5.01 meters, the two-door will be only slightly smaller than an S-Class Coupé and has a width of just over 1.90 meters. Under the hood, the new BMW 8 Series will then have a double-charged V8 engine that will generate at least 450 hp from a 4.4-liter displacement.

Special feature: It will be in 2020 also a 8 Series Cabrio , 2019 tops the BMW M8 the series.

BMW 3 Series (2018) will weigh 40 kilos less

The new BMW 3 Series will also be a visual revolution.

Internally, the new generation of the BMW 3 Series is called G20 and Bayern not only want to take a major step in technology, but also take a major step in design. In terms of interior quality, the new BMW 3 Series is to be significantly upgraded. The new BMW 3 Series also shares the CLAR platform with the upcoming 5 Series. This means that the 3 Series weighs around 40 kilos less than its predecessor.

Special features: BMW wants to stand up to the Mercedes-AMG C43 and closes the gap between the BMW 340i and the M3 with a BMW 340i M Performance .

BMW X5 (2018)

BMW is launching a new generation of the BMW X5 (G05) in 2018. Thanks to the CLAR platform with its lightweight construction materials aluminum and magnesium, the vehicle weight is significantly lower. In terms of drive, BMW will rely on four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines, the three-cylinder engine will not be found. There is also a plug-in version and an M version with around 700 hp.

BMW i8 Roadster (2018)

As another model in the BMW i family, the Bavarians bring the i8 in the roadster version on the market in May 2018. BMW installs the drive technology on the BMW i8 Coupé under the hood. However, the open i8 will carry the updated drive technology with 374 hp that the normal i8 gets with its facelift. There is a change in the convertible top construction of the BMW i8 Roadster compared to the study. Between the two air domes behind the seats, a pane of glass that can be lowered independently of the fabric roof appears to be moving in. The pure electric range should be 53 kilometers.

BMW i5 (2021)

showed at the IAA BMW introduced the i Vision Dynamics, an e-model the size of the BMW 3 Series with a purely electric drive and a range of 600 kilometers. The model is an outlook on the BMW i5.

With the BMW i5, Bavaria is breaking new ground in e-mobility. At the IAA 2017 you showed the BMW i Vision Dynamics, a study the size of the BMW 3 Series, but without a carbon chassis. The model is positioned between the BMW i3 and BMW i8 and - data from the study - has a range of 600 kilometers, a top speed of over 200 km /h and a sprint of 4.0 seconds to 100 km /h. The BMW i5 is based on the CLAR platform that already carries models with conventional drives. The carbon chassis era is over.


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