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BMW Concept X2 in Paris: View of the BMW SUV Coupé

Stefan Baldauf
BMW Concept X2 at the Paris Motor Show
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D The SUV nomenclature is complete in 2017, for the time being at least. Then BMW counted from the X1 to the X6. Because the last member of the family, the BMW X2, is just around the corner. At the Paris Motor Show, the Munich-based company is presenting a more or less realistic study for the coupé version of the BMW X1.

In the second half of 2017, BMW is first pushing a concept car to shorten the waiting time on the show stage. 'Luminous Red' is the name of the show car's bright red, which looks crouched and elongated, as if it were lurking for prey.

onte allows power distribution. M GmbH is currently working on adapting this technology for itself, because the M140i is one of the subsidiary brand's best-selling models.

Only front wheel drive? Excluded here, especially since the new model must certainly not undercut the current one in terms of engine power of 326 hp. However, since this will have to deliver a two-liter four-cylinder in the future (which, by the way, will drive the M Performance of the X2 from 2019), additional electrification of the drive train is an option in order to mitigate a possible starting weakness of the highly charged engine. For weight reasons, a mid-hybrid with a 48-volt electrical system would be an option. The plug-in hybrid known from the 225xe is also too bulky for a compact one, but also for the X2 with its significantly lower-mounted seats. Only the next generation with a more compact battery will fit here.


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