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BMW Concept Stunt G 310: stunt bike with single power

BMW Concept Stunt G 310
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S tuntriding world and European champion Chris Pfeiffer has just finished announced his retirement when his last employer, BMW, conjured up a stunt bike concept out of his hat. Ok, the BMW Concept Stunt G 310 did not come as a surprise to Pfeiffer, as he was allowed to help develop it. The G 310 was presented at the Sãlao Duas Rodas in São Paulo.

Bright appearance for the stunt bike

The heart of the study is a newly developed single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a displacement of 310 ccm which, as a special feature, has a cylinder head rotated by 180 degrees (inlet at the front) on a cylinder tilted backwards. This enables an optimal engine position in the vehicle and a short wheelbase despite the long swing arm. Moving the intake tract to the front while simultaneously routing the exhaust gas to the rear also enables the rear silencer to be placed vertically below the seat, between the engine and the strut. Performance data were not given.

The driver tries to allow as much freedom of movement as possible. For the dance over the asphalt, the stunt G 310 was given numerous specials in addition to the bright paintwork. On board are a lockable throttle grip, an extremely short final gear ratio, a generously dimensioned rear wheel brake and a second rear wheel brake that can be operated using a hand lever on the handlebar - in case the driver does not have his brake foot on the notch. There are also additional footrests on the front axle and on the bench. A step bar at the rear provides additional support, and crash bars around the engine are supposed to protect the drive technology.

The bike itself will probably remain a concept, but the new single should soon be found in new entry-level machines from BMW .


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