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B MW was an engine supplier in Formula 1 even before Sauber bought it. Bavaria celebrated with turbo engines Brabham driver Nelson Piquet won the driver's title in 1983. The supercharged combination was able to collect a total of nine race wins by the time it withdrew in 1987.

In 2000, BMW returned to the premier class stage alongside the British Williams team. By 2005, the combination - now with V10 naturally aspirated engines - had a total of ten race victories.

In 1993, Sauber had entered Formula 1 with Mercedes power. After the Stuttgart-based company switched to McLaren, the Swiss relied on Ferrari units until BMW joined the company. With well-known drivers such as Kimi Räikkönen, Felipe Massa or Nick Heidfeld, however, the breakthrough did not materialize for a long time.

With the purchase of the racing team by BMW, the budget also increased. BMW had previously only acted as an engine supplier and, with the help of Sauber, was now able to design the entire car from a single source as a designer. Nevertheless, in the first season, the success was mostly lacking. With a third place each in Hungary and Italy, Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica provided the first highlights towards the end of the 2006 season.

In the following season in 2007, the Rhineland-Polish duo regularly landed in the points. The punishment of McLaren-Mercedes in the course of the espionage affair even washed the team into second place in the final accounts. In 2008 the upward trend continued. Kubica stayed in the top field of the drivers' championship for a long time. In the end, the team was able to easily take third place in the constructors' cup.


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