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BMW: Assistance systems for bottlenecks and emergencies

BMW assistance systems
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Bars of different thicknesses show in the head-up display how much space is left to the right and left of the vehicle. In addition, steering impulses help keep the car on course.

The area around the BMW is permanently monitored by laser and ultrasound

The system works with a laser scanner and ultrasonic sensors in the front apron, which permanently measure the area around the car. If the gap is too narrow to drive through, the system warns the driver in good time. In the first test on closed terrain, the assistant worked amazingly reliably. Even with distances of around 20 centimeters on each side, the X5 technology carrier could be easily moved between the obstacles.

Despite the positive experience, BMW has not yet given a specific date for series production, as the new type of laser scanner first has to prove its suitability for cars. At a later market launch, however, the system will be combined with the already available Lane Departure Assist.

Emergency stop assistant from BMW should stop automatically in the event of a health problem

In even more The future lies in the introduction of the emergency stop assistant. The aim is to automatically stop the car on the right-hand side of the lane and send an emergency call to the rescue center in the event of a health emergency.

The system places high demands on the sensors used, since the surroundings of the vehicle must be recorded as well as the rest of the traffic. Only in this way can the car be brought to a standstill autonomously and safely. The emergency stop assistant therefore relies on the data from radar and camera sensors and the digitized map from the navigation system.

T The detection of the driver's state of health is also technically demanding. Project partner Siemens and the Berlin University Hospital Charité developed a special wristband for this purpose that must be worn while driving.


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