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BMW and Daimler cooperate on self-driving cars

Strategic partnership
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Only together are we strong: This is the realization in the boardrooms of BMW and Daimler more and more through. That is why both groups are already working b ei mobility services such as car sharing, charging solutions for electric cars or the networking of various mobility offers together . Now both manufacturers are going a big step further and are pooling their strengths in automated driving within the framework of a strategic and long-term partnership.

BMW and Daimler sign letter of intent

That had become apparent; At the presentation of the new mobility services last Friday (February 22nd, 2019), CEOs Harald Krüger (BMW) and Dieter Zetsche (Daimler) only half-heartedly avoided the relevant questions. So now the official announcement that a joint declaration of intent has been signed to jointly develop automated driving functions in the future.

The first step involves the next generation of technology for driver assistance systems and highly automated driving on levels 3 and 4. In This framework is primarily about driving on motorways and automated parking. Both manufacturers want to learn from each other in these areas and, above all, construct a scalable architecture that should offer various advantages: The platform should be as flexible as possible and adaptable as well as enabling shorter innovation cycles and, of course, cost savings. “Instead of individual isolated solutions, we are looking for a reliable overall system that brings our customers tangible benefits,” explains Ola Källenius, who will soon succeed Dieter Zetsche as CEO of Daimler.

Cooperation open to other manufacturers

But it will probably not stay there: 'The BMW Group is building on long-term partnerships to advance the industrialization of autonomous driving,' says BMW Board Member for Development, Klaus Fröhlich. Talks about extending the cooperation to a higher degree of automation are to be held soon. It should not only be about highways, but also urban areas and cities. Interesting: As soon as the cooperation is announced for the first time, the partners attach importance to the fact that other companies can join in: Both companies will examine further partnerships with technology companies and automobile manufacturers that will start atCan contribute to the success of the platform.

The development of the current generations of automated vehicles and cooperation between the two companies will remain unaffected by the new strategic partnership and will continue unchanged. Means: BMW will develop the production version of the iNext announced for 2021 on its own. The iNext should be able to drive automatically on level 3 and be capable of pilot projects with level 4.


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