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BMW 7 Series with all the extras: the ultimate in the smart sled

BMW 7 Series with all extras
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If luxury, then right. We grabbed the B MW 7er and hunted it through the configurator to pack everything that costs money. Accordingly, we opt for the most expensive version 750Li xDrive with 450 hp and automatic transmission. Basis of our over-7: 112,700 euros - a solid start.

So now it's the external appearance. Basic color for 0.00 euros? It's too cheap, we can't use it. It has to be the imperial blue with a brilliant effect for 1,100 euros. The name of the paint alone sounds befitting. In addition, there are cute 20-inchers for 4,000 euros, because, as everyone knows, wrong shoes ruin a complete outfit. Speaking of which: the inner values ​​also count, as we all know. The exclusive nappa leather costs 1,490 euros extra. Put it in. Oh, that is only possible in combination with electrically adjustable seats for another 2,200 euros? Well, what is the avarice? Click on 'OK' and continue to the interior. Fine wood design poplar decor for 550 euros - very chic. Our BMW 7 Series is now worth more than 122,000 euros.

Equipment packages are also something wonderful. Connected profile, let's take. 1,590 euros. A bargain because the Connecteddrive Services package is already included. Design Pure Excellence? It's kind of a matter of honor. For 2,050 euros from the shopping cart and the Executive Lounge package with it. It's only available with active seat ventilation for 1,210 euros. Well, with a package price of 12,450 stones, that doesn't make the cabbage any longer. For this we get lounge chairs with a massage function and an entertainment system with touch controls.

BMW 7 Series with M Sport Package

The M Sport Package is a must for ambitious BMW 7 Series drivers. Small downer: we can't keep the Design Pure Excellence package any more than the brilliant lacquer. The M package is more expensive, so it has to be better, so we opt for the 6,500 euro version. We book the innovation package unseen for a total of 5,990 euros. It can't hurt and sounds important.

The next equipment category also sounds great: special technology. We take everything with us that is not mutually exclusive or that is already part of one of our carefully selected packages. The BMW 7 Series includes: Alcantara roof liner (1,020 euros), leather-covered instrument panel (1,450 euros), cool box (1,400 euros), and steering wheelWood applications (540 euros), run-flat tires (330 euros), infrared reflective glass (240 euros), Sky Lounge panorama glass roof (2,100 euros), ceramic finish for the controls (570 euros), TV function (1,250 euros), internet access ( 100 euros, plus 599 euros for an LTE hotspot) Bowers & Wilkins diamond surround sound system (5,650 euros), cordless telephone device in the rear (830 euros), BMW Nightvision with person recognition (2,470 euros, but including headlight cleaning system), M sports exhaust (600 euros and surprisingly not part of our M sports package), extended warranty to 3 years (400 euros), climate comfort laminated glazing (1,200 euros) and, because that's not enough, sun blinds (1,240 euros), extended rear air conditioning (1,590 euros) , 4-zone automatic air conditioning (870 euros), Ambient Air package (320 euros), high-gloss Shadowline (570 euros), auxiliary heating (1,450 euros), alarm system (480 euros), smoker's package (slim 50 euros), integral active steering (1,450 euros) , Executive Drive Pro (2,950 euros), Drive Assistant Plus (3,100 euros), parking assistant with all associated cameras (2,130 euros) and of course a fold-away trailer hitch (1,300 euros) in case we have to bring clippings to the recycling center on Saturdays - or the yacht to Lake Como . Oh yes, and safety vests for 13 euros.

BMW 7 Series for the price of a Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

After this trip to the special technology department, we are at a total price of 187,042 euros (including VAT ) and thus at the end of our equipment tsunami. The extras in and of themselves add up to EUR 74,342. As an alternative, you could treat yourself to two small Ford Mustang of the latest generation. Or buy a 911 Turbo Cabrio for just under 177,000 euros and fill it up for 10,000 euros. Hopefully there will be a really good coffee when you pick it up at the dealership. One could expect that. In any case, one thing is certain: A resale with all these extras goes beyond the page layout of mobile.de or autoscout24.


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