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BMW 6er GT (2017): driving report, data, prices, market launch

Bernhard Limberger
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Driving report BMW 6 Series GT: Weird number

M it scarcely built 150,000 exe The 5 Series GT, which was often reviled for its design, was so well received by mplaren that it is now getting a successor: the 6 Series GT. Now we can drive the new space glider, as a 640i with a magnificent six-cylinder turbo engine.

A new car, wonderful, the first encounter, just before the first exit.

Wolfgang Groeger-Meier
'In the rear of the 6 Series GT, on the other hand, you like to sit a little longer. Because of the immense amount of space.', says editor Jens Dralle.

You work a little here, push a little there, get in the back, aha, everything is good - from behind Steering wheel. Usually. In the rear of the 6 Series GT, on the other hand, you like to sit a little longer. Because of the immense space available. Despite the panoramic roof. Despite the casually curved roof line. Because of the comfortably tightly padded and ergonomically shaped rear bench seat covered with cuddly leather. And because you're a little scared of driving. Because of the stubbornness of the two-tonne predecessor, which was always somehow the best Mercedes BMW has ever built. But it doesn't help. Changing places, pressing a button, starts the B58 in-line six-cylinder with low and discreet humming. A magnificent engine, of course, thateven the ride in an SUV made bearable. One that makes the best use of the possibilities of turbocharging, provides a considerable maximum torque (450 Nm) early (at 1,380 rpm), and thus encourages the automatic to quickly escape to the highest possible, the eighth stage. Go very gently. And the 340 hp GT is also gentle.

This is how the new BMW 6 Series GT drives

Well, of course it drives. Registers unevenness in the ground early, processes them cleanly, does not oscillate too much even in Comfort Plus mode. In sport, the 640i tightens itself, of course, but with the 19-inch wheels of the M Sport package it still remains on the binding side and does not tip over into the tough. The 5.09 meter long four-door car is not allowed either. There is too much technical magic in it, extras for over 5,000 euros. Two-chamber air suspension, for example, adaptive dampers, electromechanical roll stabilization and rear-axle steering. The latter is supposed to boost the driving behavior, that agility that its predecessor never achieved, also because it had a higher center of gravity and weighed more. The 6 Series is two centimeters lower and, according to the data sheet, weighs 160 kilograms less than its comparable motorized predecessor. There you are. Accordingly, it throws itself tingly in curves, seems to shrink healthy every time at the turn-in point, suggests the handiness of a vehicle class below. That’s all the more gratifying that you’re well accommodated. The seating position and sense of space harmonize so well that the design-related height does not interfere.

Perfectly adaptable

The optional comfort seats can be adjusted in all possible angles and lengths, so that a suitable seating position is not is only possible but unavoidable. Come on, let's surf a few more hairpin bends, with barely noticeable lateral inclination, clearly noticeable sovereignty, supported by the variable all-wheel drive and the wonderful three-liter unit that hardly struggles with the 1.9-tonne, well, sedan station wagon and coupé. On the contrary. It tempts you to play. To switch yourself so that you can turn it off. Up to 7,000 rpm. Including hoarse accompanying music, free of vibrations. That the 640i should accelerate from zero to 100 km /h in 5.3 seconds? You can well imagine. That there is still a four-cylinder turbo below? Don't you want to imagine, even if it should be able to cope with only 6.2 L /100 km (test car: 7.7 L /100 km).

Much more interesting: One of the two in-line six-cylinder diesels (630d /640d).

Wolfgang Groeger-Meier
' Not in the mood for a classic vehicle concept? Not in the mood to chase the SUV trend? Here comes the 6 Series GT. Spacious, comfortable, agile. But also: Spacious and costly. ', Says editor Jens Dralle about the new BMW 6 Series GT.

What you have to imagine: That a 640i x-Drive GT costs 70,700 euros. This is around 2,500 euros less than a sevens with which it shares the wheelbase. And just under 6,000 euros more than a five-car Touring, which doesn't have so much more practical benefits to offer. After all, the GT stows between 610 and 1,800 liters of luggage, the loading sill is low, no step interferes with the transition to the cargo area and the opening is 170 mm wider than its predecessor. It's nice that the new one can be loaded better than its predecessor. Even better, however: The fact that the GT 6 Series should now drive like a BMW.

Even if the GT now has the 6 in its name, it is technically based on the new 5 Series. Despite the increased dimensions, the new platform brings a weight reduction of 150 kg. Compared to its predecessor, the 6 Series GT has increased in length by 87 mm to 5.09 meters. The width remains unchanged at 1.90 meters.

However, since the height has been reduced by 21 mm to 1.54 meters and the roofline flows into a coupé-like rear section that is 64 millimeters flatter, the 6 Series GT appears more elongated than the 5 Series GT. In addition to the new proportions, there is a new front with standard LED headlights that come right up to the kidney grille, a long bonnet, a passenger cell set far back, a wheelbase of 3,070 millimeters, doors with frameless windows and the elongated window graphics that extend far into the rear . The flanks are more contoured. Air outlets were used behind the front wheel arches. The three-dimensional tail lights also set accents. A retractable spoiler has been integrated into the grown rear bumper.

More elegant lines and yet more space

The interior of the 6 Series GT was in Significantly upgraded compared to the 5 Series GT.

Despite the flatter roofline, the cargo space should have grown under the one-piece tailgate, which is electrically operated as standard . At 610 liters, the luggage compartment volume is 110 liters larger than that of the predecessor. The loading sill has been lowered by more than 5 centimeters and is now level with the luggage compartment floor. The rear seat backrests, which can be divided in a ratio of 40: 20: 40, can be folded down from the trunk by means of an electric remote unlocking device at the touch of a button. The storage space grows to 1,800 liters - 100 liters more than in the predecessor. The structurally stable, two-part luggage compartment cover can be stored in a storage compartment underneath the luggage compartment floor. In the rear there is still three seats with ample legroom.

The cockpit design as well as the equipment and the availability of assistance and safety systems are based closely on the new 5 Series.

Three motors for the market launch

The rear axle of the 6 Series GT has level-regulated air suspension as standard. If you order the adaptive chassis, you also get air suspension on the front axle and height adjustment in various stages from minus 10 to plus 20 mm. Another check mark on the option list brings the active roll stabilization.

The technology of the BMW 6 Series GT in detail.

There will be three engines to choose from for the market launch, two of which are all-wheel drive can be combined. An eight-speed automatic is always on board. The basic engine in the BMW 630i Gran Turismo is a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 258 hp and 400 Nm. The BMW 640i Gran Turismo uses a three-liter in-line six-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 340 hp and 450 Nm. The only diesel in the BMW 630d Gran Turismo is a three-liter in-line six-cylinder with 265 hp and 620 Nm. Both six-cylinder units are also available as all-wheel-drive versions. The spurt timesfor the 6 Series GT are between 5.3 and 6.3 seconds. All versions reach a maximum of 250 km /h.

Prices for the new BMW 6 Series GT start at 62,300 euros for the 630i GT. The 640i GT costs at least 68,100 euros, the all-wheel drive version at least 70,700 euros. The 630d GT is available from 66,900 euros, as an all-wheel drive version from 69,500 euros. The standard equipment includes the top navigation system Professional including services, full leather equipment with heated seats and 2-zone automatic air conditioning.

M Performance for sports optics

The 21-inch rims in two-tone and double-spoke design are part of the M Performance version.

In order to personalize your BMW 6 Series GT in a sporty way, BMW offers M Performance Parts for the Gran Turismo. For example, the model is refined with the Frozen Black film in matt black and gray and also enhanced with performance lettering in the area of ​​the sills and on the body sides. Handcrafted mirror caps made of carbon-reinforced plastic (CFRP) are also used. The sporty front view should provide a little more overtaking prestige. It shows black glossy front grille, which together with the black trim strips of the air flap control from the Sport Line equipment or the M Sport package form a kidney grille with a homogeneous color.

Another eye-catcher is the 21-inch M Performance alloy wheel in double spoke design and two-tone look. They are covered with 245/35 wheels on the front and 275/30 on the rear axle. Finally, BMW installed a stainless steel silencer system specially optimized for the BMW 630i. Depending on the engine and equipment, they are combined with round or trapezoidal tailpipe trims in a chrome or carbon finish. The round tailpipe trims have an engraved M logo, the trapezoidal ones the M Performance lettering.


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