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BMW 6 Series Erlkönig: Mysterious BMW 6 Series Hybrid Study

BMW 6 Series Erlkönig
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O Officially, the website does not give any reference to the Bavarian car manufacturer. However, BMW has indicated to various media that it is not entirely uninvolved in the project. In addition, BMW AG is registered as the owner of the site.

Drivetrain from the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

First of all, you can see a matt black painted BMW 6 Series. Its front is striking, and its design borrows from the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics study. The hood pulls down far, the kidney grille widens and the headlights stretch out.

The wheel arches also attract attention. Significantly widened, they indicate a wider track and additional space required under the body. At the point where the powered rear axle of the BMW 6 Series normally sits, the observer's eye sees a large box structure. This is where the drive train shown in the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics could spread. This bundles two electrically driven wheel hub motors and a three-cylinder turbo diesel on the rear axle. This would also explain the lonely exhaust.

The battery packs were then located in the center tunnel. Two additional wheel hub motors provide propulsion on the front wheels. The 6 Series could therefore operate with all-wheel drive. If you apply the performance values ​​of the study, the drive train could combine around 356 hp and 800 Nm. The aerodynamically clad large wheels, which are fitted with 195 mm smooth-running tires, are clearly recognizable.

It is possible that BMW with this Erlkönig on an eco sports car competes with the Mercedes SLS E-Cell and the Porsche 918 Spyder is working. The Detroit Motorshow in January is a possible premiere location for the 6 Series. The hybrid 6 Series could go on sale as the BMW i100 in 2013.


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