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BMW 5 Series Touring (G31): technical data, market launch, price

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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The BMW 5 Series Touring is, like its predecessors, a car for Europe. Here he finds customers who appreciate the advantages of a station wagon in this class. And it is specially tailored for them. The surprise potential of the new BMW 5 Series Touring (G31) is low, because the 5 Series Sedan has all the technical features in advance. The e rste comparative test of the 5 Series with E-Class and Volvo V90 has shown that you can can also look forward to the 5 Series Touring.

BMW 5 Series Touring - the load compartment in check

In the 5th generation, the BMW 5 Series Touring stretches to a length of 4,943 mm, is 1,868 mm wide and 1,498 mm high. The wheelbase is specified as 2,975 millimeters. The rear design of the Touring is based on an elongated roof line, steeply inclined D-pillars. Nevertheless, headroom in the rear is not a problem for people who are 1.90 meters tall, even if the driver's seat is adjusted to similar stature without compromise. Compared to its predecessor, there is a noticeable improvement - the interior of the 5 Series is now at a level where it actually offers passengers enough space in every constellation. But you also know that from the limousine.

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
The new 5 Series swallows up to 1,700 liters of luggage.

It gets more exciting further back, where a roof spoiler with integrated additional brake light and side air control elements as well as L-shaped rear lights close off the rear. Depending on the configuration, there is space under the aluminum tailgate between 570 and 1,700 liters of luggage - the predecessor had a maximum1,670 liters. It doesn't look huge yet, but it should be enough for the luggage of the passengers. Good: the maximum payload is 730 kg.

The three-part rear seat backrest can be unlocked remotely at the push of a button. If the optional rear seat entertainment system is on board, the seat backrests can get caught on the rear monitors if the seats and especially the rear head restraints are not adjusted properly if they fall. In most cases, however, the seat backs should fold forward without any problems. Then the cargo space is not yet perfectly level, but without disturbing edges, so that larger objects can safely be moved on the robust-looking velor carpet. At most, the wide grooves in the rails for the luggage fixing system could interfere.

As usual with BMWs touring models, the rear window can conveniently be opened separately. The tailgate is only optionally sensor-controlled. Whatever makes a tidy impression: the luggage compartment cover and luggage partition net are housed in separate cassettes at the very back of the luggage compartment and can thus be easily stowed under the luggage compartment floor. Another is waiting in front of its cover flap, which is kindly opened by a gas pressure damper. This is a great place to store small items that are not needed all the time, like the first aid kit. A corresponding symbol is also emblazoned on the handle of the flap, but the exhibition vehicle did not come with first aid kits.

Unlike the sedan, the BMW 5 Series Touring is equipped with air suspension and level control as standard on the rear axle. It is pathetic that the adaptive dampers are only available for an extra charge in this class - regardless of whether it is a station wagon or sedan. The roll stabilization also costs extra - BMW remains true to the surcharge policy. Even with the confident basic prices.

Guido ten Brink /SB -Media
Cockpit like in the 5-series sedan.

Four engines at the start, prices from 47,700 euros

Sales of the new BMW 5 Series Touring will start in June 2017. Four engines and two models with all-wheel drive will be available for the market launch. Further variants with rear-wheel and all-wheel drivefollow in the course of the year. However, the new generation of the 5 series station wagon will have to do without a real M model.

The Touring will initially be available as a 530i four-cylinder with 252 hp and 350 Nm, and as a 540i six-cylinder with 340 hp and 540 Nm, as a 520d four-cylinder with 190 hp and 400 Nm and as a 530d six-cylinder with 265 hp and 620 Nm. Except for the basic diesel, all engines are linked to an 8-speed automatic. The six-cylinder petrol engine comes with all-wheel drive as standard, the 530d as an option.

The Touring takes over assistance and infotainment systems from the 5 Series sedan. The entire cockpit, equipment options and other features come from the 5 Series Sedan.

The price of the 5 Series Touring is 2,500 euros higher than that of the sedan. The 520 d Touring costs from 47,700 euros, the 530d from 56,800 euros, the 530i from 52,300 euros and the 540i xDrive from 62,800 euros.


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