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BMW 5 Series Touring (G31) Dähler Competition Line: Subtle tuning

BMW 5 Series Touring (G31) Dähler Competition Line
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W hen the new BMW 5 Series estate is through The hands of the Swiss tuner Dähler has gone, then it becomes a real wolf in sheep's clothing. Outwardly, the Swiss 5 Series makes an understatement, but the inner values ​​have it all.

More power for diesel and gasoline engines

Dähler has performance enhancements ready for various engines in the BMW 5 Series.

Focus on tuning is correspondingly more engine power. In the BMW 540i, which comes with 326 hp as standard, Dähler delivers 380 hp and a maximum torque of 560 Nm with its tuning package. If the second tuning stage is ignited, it results in 400 hp and 580 Nm. There are even three performance levels available for the 550i. In the first step, 462 hp become 510 hp and 700 Nm. Step 2 brings 560 hp and 760 Nm under the bonnet of the 5 series. The top expansion stage provides 570 hp and 780 Nm torque. The latter two also include the lifting of the Vmax limit.

Dähler also provides more engine power for diesel engines in the BMW 5 Series. The 520d with its four-cylinder can be raised from 190 to 220 hp. The maximum torque increases from 400 to 470 Nm. The diesel engine in the 530d also benefits from new engine control software. The six-cylinder engine delivers 265 hp and 620 Nm ex works. After the Dähler cure, this results in 310 hp and 690 Nm. Performance increases for the 535d and 550d are in preparation.

Bigger rims and more engine sound

Stainless steel exhaust systems or active sound systems should provide the sporty soundscape.

New suspension springs are supposed to provide more lateral dynamics, guaranteeing that the station wagon is lowered by 25 mm. In addition, Dähler has new wheel-tire combinations ready. The 20-inch alloy wheels can be fitted with 245/35 tires all round, or alternatively with 285/30 rollers on the rear axle. If you opt for the 21-inch wheels, you get 255/30 tires on the front axle and 295/25 rubbers on the rear. If the series bikes are to continue to be driven, Dähler offers various spacers for a sharper look.

Stainless steel sports exhaust systems as two or four-pipe versions or active sound systems for the diesel engines should provide more sporty ear pleasure.

Do you also want modifications to the interior? No problem. The speedometer scale can be expanded up to 330 km /h and the background lighting can be adjusted. In addition, special equipment in leather and Alcantara is available. Dähler is still working on new aerodynamic components for the BMW 5 Series.


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