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BMW 5 Series purchase advice: The complete BMW 5 Series range at a glance

Karl-Heinz Augustin
BMW 5 Series purchase advice
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J Now the time has come: Our drive recommendation for the BMW 5 Series is a four-cylinder diesel, mind you. What would have caused an outcry for this brand in earlier times is now proving to be the ideal compromise between dynamism and economy.

BMW 5 Series with eight engines

The 5 Series engine is pleasing with its powerful torque, committed revving and smooth running. The only rational flaw: the slight starting weakness. The only emotional thing: the four-cylinder sound. Here the BMW 525d scores with six cylinders, sound and better driving performance can be paid for extra with 4,750 euros. The even faster 530d costs an additional 4,600 euros - without bringing any better features. In the 535d surcharge of 7,100 euros, the smooth and fast shifting eight-speed automatic is included.

With the gasoline engines, BMW fans feel at home, here the entry begins with the classic inline six-cylinder with 204 hp - which, especially in connection with the automatic, quickly creates the desire for more power. The 528i, which is more expensive € 3,500, offers enough of this - but only if it is rotated in the typical vacuum cleaner manner. Turbo fans who are spoiled for torque have to resort to the expensive over-engines in the BMW 535i and 550i, the latter being powered by a V8 - which it hides acoustically. In any case, all three body variants are well insulated, the practical and spacious 5 Series Touring and the individual and expensive 5 Series GT dampened a little more tightly. There is no lack of space in any of the three, the station wagon offers the greatest benefit.

Long list of surcharges arouses desires

Configuring a BMW 5 Series can become a full evening activity, because the price list contains over 100 extras - and then the accessories program is still waiting. Of course, the temptation is great to upgrade your dream car with luxury-class features such as all-wheel steering, adaptive dampers and a head-up display. A BMW 520d can be spiced up with extras for over 49,000 euros. The recommendation is therefore limited to a few, albeit expensive, positions such as the comfort seats. They can be adjusted electrically in many ways, enable an optimal sitting position and thus fatigue-free driving in the 5-seater. Comparatively cheap: the seat heating and the expanded features for theClimate control. This allows the air distribution to be dosed more sensitively.

Much cannot be ordered individually

The adaptive bi-xenon headlights of the BMW 5 Series, which adapt their light cone to the driving situation, enable very good road illumination - which works even better with the high beam assistant, which costs 150 euros . The various driver assistance systems should be ordered depending on the budget. You can choose from blind spot detection, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control, parking assistant, night vision device and speed limit warning - but many of these cannot be ordered individually. The practical all-round cameras have to be combined with the recommended Park Distance Control and the reversing camera - quite expensive, but PDC alone is completely sufficient. The adaptive dampers can only be dispensed with, however, if no large wheels are ordered for the BMW 5 Series.

Multimedia upgrade to a rolling cinema possible

The infotainment takes up two full A4 pages. Offer in the optional equipment list for the BMW 5 Series - two systems are available even for entertainment in the rear seats. You can choose between two eight-inch and two ten-inch monitors, with the latter being controlled separately. One of the two optional hi-fi systems with twelve and 16 loudspeakers provides the right sound. The more expensive system also has a surround mode.

In addition to the DVD player, a DAB tuner (450 euros), an MP3 player docked to the USB port (300 euros) or the 12 GB hard drive of the Professional navigation system serve as the sound source. The large navigation system costs 3,050 euros, but offers a map display that is hard to beat even in difficult lighting conditions, calculates the routes quickly, enables the use of numerous online services and can be operated intuitively via i-Drive and voice control - the 1,890 euros cheaper business system cannot keep up.


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