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BMW 5 Series - more power from the tuner: Performance benchmark for the 5 Series diesel

BMW 5 Series - more power from the tuner
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I m BMW 520d, which is considered the basic model, does not have to forego performance. Already 184 HP and 380 Nm strong ex works, the two-liter four-cylinder with a revised engine management should come to 212 HP and 420 Nm torque. The sedan's top speed increases from 234 to 240 km /h. In return, Race Tools charges 419 euros for the conversion.

The diesel has up to 287 hp

In the BMW 525d, the performance increases due to the manipulated engine management from 204 to 243 hp. The maximum torque increases from 430 to 490 Nm, the top speed from 241 to 250 km /h. In this case, 429 euros are due for the additional horsepower.

In the top diesel model 530d, too, a modified engine management system elicits more power from the three-liter unit. Full of standard 245 HP, Race Tools achieves 287 HP. The maximum torque climbs from 540 to a whopping 610 Nm, the top speed from 245 to 250 km /h. The tuner can be remunerated for his work with 429 euros.

In all cases, the Euro 6 emissions classification is retained. The consumption of the diesel should even drop by up to 1.3 liters.

The petrol engines produce up to 500 hp

There is also more power for them Gasoline engines in the new BMW 5 Series. Based on the 535i, the output increases from 306 to 360 hp, the maximum torque from 400 to 470 Nm and the top speed from 250 to 272 km /h. Cost: 1,029 euros. In Stage II at a price of 1,359 euros, even 364 hp, 510 Nm and 286 km /h are achieved. Those who do without the additional Vmax cancellation can purchase Package I at a price of 799 euros and Package II at a price of 1,299 euros. The Vmax cancellation alone costs 799 euros and lets the 306 PS strong 5 Series run up to 266 km /h.

In the 550i, Race Tools unleashes a full 448 PS instead of 408 with a new engine control. The maximum torque of the V8 increases from 600 to 670 Nm, the Vmax to 277 km /h. In stage II, even 500 hp and 700 Nm are released, which should be good for a top speed of 292 km /h. The tuner charges level I at 1,299 euros, level II costs 2,199 euros.


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