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BMW 5 Series Hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show 2010

Sebastian Viehmann
Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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With the BMW 5 Series Hybrid, the drive technology used in the series models BMW X6 Hybrid and BMW 7 Series Hybrid is consistently further developed. B MW for the upcoming BMW 5 Series Sedan with the combination of in-line six-cylinder plus electric motor.

So far, BMW has not yet provided any details on the combined consumption. In the BMW 7er Hybrid - its system performance 465 PS is - the average consumption is 9.4 liters and 219 grams of CO2.

Eight-speed automatic and start-stop in the BMW 5 Series Hybrid

Even those from the The eight-speed automatic transmission known from the BMW 7 Series should contribute to more efficient driving, as is the automatic start-stop system, which automatically switches the BMW 5 Series off and on again when stopping at intersections or in a traffic jam. The stationary air conditioning function adopted from the BMW 7 Series Hybrid offers increased comfort - in addition, the electric motor in the mid-range sedan with its brief boost function provides an extra punch when accelerating, while purely electric driving in city traffic is also possible.

The 40 kW electric drive is arranged between the in-line six-cylinder engine and the automatic transmission. A control unit continuously analyzes the charge status of the battery integrated in the trunk and controls both the charging of the battery using braking energy recovery and the cooling of the system.

The Concept 5 Series Active Hybrid study is being carried out together with the series version of the BMW 5er on the Geneva Motor Show presented. Also on display at the BMW stand: the facelift of the off-road vehicle BMW X5 , the revised BMW M3 and a performance kit for the BMW X6 .


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