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BMW 5 Series - buying tips for the right person

BMW 5 Series - buying tips for the right person
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Established the first generation of the BMW 5 Series the family of 5, but neither technically nor optically does it enjoy a high priority. But you definitely cut a good figure with the child of the seventies.

For 5,000 euros there is a BMW 540i

For around 5,000 euros a BMW 540i is currently in good condition in the Classic Data lists. Almost everyone can be happy with this youngtimer, which was built from 1992. Thanks to 286 hp, it offers impressive performance, is big enough to be used as a first family car and is well on its way to becoming a classic. In addition, the third generation of the 5 Series is fully developed and offers good safety equipment. It only rolled off the assembly line 22,645 times. The surcharge of more than 10,000 euros for an E34-M5 is hardly worth it.

If you want to drive 5-series cheaply and have to drive a lot , should take a look at a few 524 diesels of the E28 series. Entry into the diesel six-cylinder world is possible for around 2,000 euros. The chances of finding a 524 diesel with a few kilometers are slim, but believe us, they still exist.

For history-charged 5-series fans: an early 528i

If you consciously opt for the first generation of the 5 Series, you should choose a 528i. Its powerful six-cylinder can still keep up in any driving situation and make people look surprised. Around 7,000 euros have to be invested for a well-groomed example in condition 2.

Sure, the strongest models are the rarest, so achieve a lot good M 535i of the E12 series easily the 20,000 euro mark. The trade of the first BMW M5 takes place in a similar field. The E34-M5 is around 5,000 euros less and has therefore also earned a tip. After all, it is the last six-cylinder M5 and therefore also of historical importance.

If you want to be on the safe side, buy one of the E34-M5 touring cars, which have only been built 891 times. By the way, the rarest 5 Series is a 518g from the E34 series. The bivalent BMW was only built 298 times. In third place on the rarity scale is the M 535i of the E12 series with 1,410 units, followed by the E28-M5 with 2,145 unitsUnits.

Entry from 1,000 euros

Entry into the BMW E12 -World works best with a 518i, which is already available for a little more than 1,000 euros as a mediocre copy, around four times as much is called for a 518i in good condition. The following generations are also available in moderate condition for little money, but if you want to make sure that you don't dig a penny in the garage, you should take a little more money into your hand.

Of course, a BMW 5 Series with a six-cylinder engine, like a up to 184 hp 528i, which in good condition costs a good 7,000 euros, will be more interesting. The top model of the E12 series is the M535i, which is traded for around 18,000 euros in condition grade 2. An Alpina B7 Turbo S is even higher at 25,000.

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D he prices are based on the information provided by Classic Data, as of March 01, 2010.


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