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  • BMW 02 (1966-77) from 7,500 euros: BMW 02 1966 - 1977, from 7,500 euros

BMW 02 (1966-77) from 7,500 euros: BMW 02 1966 - 1977, from 7,500 euros

BMW 02 (1966-77) from 7,500 euros
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Even the entry-level version B MW 1600-2 with 85 HP at 980 Kilogram weight wasn't slow and favorite of tuners. In 1968 BMW added a two-liter with a single carburetor and 100 hp, which sold over 800,000 times.

Good feeling of space despite compact dimensions

Even today, the BMW 2002 is a good choice. Straightforward and yet elegant, it is the Teutonic variant of an Alfa Giulia, even if it lacks Italian chic in the cockpit. On the other hand, the instrument panel is clearly laid out, and despite the manageable length of 4.23 meters, the passenger does not feel constricted in the front seats, partly due to the unobstructed all-round view thanks to the narrow roof pillars. The trunk is enough for a holiday with a small family.

The not particularly easy-revving two-liter engine is not a downright sports engine, but it goes perfectly with the easily shiftable four-speed gearbox and is technically solid and extremely reliable. Of course, a BMW 1602 ti (105 PS) or the 2002 ti (120 PS) could make more state, but tuning the twin carburettors on the latter type is not that easy.

The BMW 2002 tii (130 hp) and the 2002 Turbo (170 hp) are expensive and time-consuming to maintain, which even Porsche owners had to fear. The Targa and Cabriolet versions from Baur are rare and in demand. The 'touring' versions with hatchbacks have come into fashion.

It was not too far off for all BMW 02s with corrosion protection. If you keep a watchful eye on the sills, A-pillar, spare wheel recess, strut domes, wheel arches and door edges, you can drive without any worries.

Advantages and disadvantages of the BMW 02

  • Advantages : The BMW 02 is an elegantly designed sedan with a sporty talent and a high level of suitability for everyday use. Thanks to a good supply of spare parts and low maintenance costs, it is also recommended for beginners.
  • Disadvantages : The body of the BMW 02 is prone to rust, the ti versions are sensitive to incorrect coordination. Turbo and convertible versions are rare and usually quite expensive.


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