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Blue speed camera control pillars for truck tolls

Are the new blue columns flashing?
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Anyone who drives past one of the numerous new pillars set up at the roadside these days , looks spellbound at the speedometer and instinctively pulls the brakes. Have i been flashed? Was I too fast?

We can give the all-clear for all unsure bikers. The blue pillars, which are strongly reminiscent of speed camera towers in terms of shape and size, are also being erected on federal highways exclusively to control the truck toll that will apply from July 1, 2018. Anyone who drives past here too quickly will not be measured and not flashed. Quote from the Federal Ministry of Transport: “The simple column structures on the roadside fit better into the image of the more rural federal roads. They are colored so that they cannot be confused with speed controls. “

Toll Collect
The federal government wants to control truck tolls on federal highways with around 600 blue columns.

When the new towers are set up across the board, there will be around 600 pillars along the main roads. The pillars should then take on the same functions as the toll bridges on the autobahns.

If a vehicle passes a control pillar an overview, a side view and a license plate image are created. The column compares the data with the data from the Toll Collect data center and detects whether a valid booking has been made and whether all information has been entered correctly. If the booking is correct, the images will be deleted immediately. Only data from vehicles that are suspected of having not been paid or not paid correctly is passed on to the control center.


currently running already established blue columns still in a political project to data and experience to collect

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