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Bloch explains: The 5 deadly sins of sitting and driving in a car

Alexander Bloch explains technology all about cars
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E s sounds like a truism: only with the right one A car can be precisely and safely controlled from its seat and steering position. But even a panoramic view at an intersection shows that the interpretations of this among motorists differ widely.

The casual recliner

Let's start with one of the most famous types of seat defects, the casual recliner: the seat wide away from the pedals and the backrest in the Mallorca beach chair position, the pseudo-sporty pilot with outstretched extremities moves away from the control tools and thus from safe driving. Basically: arms and legs can only act optimally if they are at a reasonable angle to the steering wheel or the pedals. This is the only way in which the leg can bring enough pressure on the pedal when braking in an emergency and the arms reach the necessary steering speed to quickly avoid an obstacle 'v-A_-article__inline__img'>

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The correct distance to the steering wheel is when the hands are behind the steering wheel with the arms stretched out.

Therefore, there should always be a ritual during the first seat rehearsal. Step 1: Adjust the height of the seat so that both the road and the instruments are clearly visible. Step 2: Move the seat forward so that even with the brake pedal fully depressed, there is still a noticeable angle on the knee joint. Step 3: The arms are extended straight towards the steering wheel. Now the whole hand has to be behind the steering wheel. If not, the backrest and steering wheel adjustment are readjusted. In this position, the steering wheel must be turned fully to the left and rightwithout the shoulder blades moving away from the seat.

The Volant Cuddler

If you overdo it with the back of your hand on the steering wheel, you will end up with another type of seat defect: the Volant- Cuddle. This not only exists in the over-anxious student driver variant, but also populates our streets with driving experience. However, if the angle in the crook of the arm is too narrow, the precise steering ability is severely restricted, as is the case with the casual recliner. In addition, if the knee barely extends more than at a right angle, even during emergency braking, braking pressure and thus braking distance are wasted. When things get really rough, the distance to the deploying airbag becomes uncomfortably short. You are welcome to get inspiration for the perfect seating position from rally drivers. There is neither lying nor cuddling, but the steering wheel stretches surprisingly deep into the interior.

The high seat stool

There you will never find the third seat error: the high seat stool . Basically - as mentioned - the driver should sit high enough to have a good view of both the road and the instruments. But not too high either, because then the operating angle does not fit again. The steering wheel should also be handled vertically rather than horizontally like in old trucks. In addition, sitting too high hurts the development engineer, who fought for every millimeter lower center of gravity for good road holding. A person, who usually weighs one to two hundred pounds, causes surprisingly large changes in the center of gravity in the car due to his height position.

Pizza maker and one-arm squeegee

But non-members of the first three parties with seat errors can also join do a lot wrong with a wrong steering position. We differentiate between the pizza baker, who swings his valance to the right and left with a flat hand in any steering situation like a yeast dough. Not to forget the wild one-arm wiper, whose hand is on top or bottom of the steering wheel. Both types of steering can occur briefly on long journeys, but they must not become a quirk. The correct steering position is so simple: your right and left hands rest on the steering wheel in a relaxed quarter-past-nine position. The hand should be in a relaxed grip position on the wreath.


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