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Bimobil HD 420: all-wheel-drive motorhome for the family

Bimobil HD 420
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D he floor plan of the living room of the HD 420 offers one front seating group, two lengthways -Bunk beds in the rear, a large alcove, a generously equipped kitchen, a two-part sanitary area and a lot of storage space in the double floor.

Double floor creates space

During the journey, up to six people can find a safe seat belt in the driver's cab and in the front seating area of ​​the new HD 420 Seat.

The entire living area stands on a double floor, which houses fresh and waste water tanks on one side. The double floor is made of a sandwich panel with aluminum pipe inserts and is therefore self-supporting. In addition, it offers a large storage space that is accessible via a total of three exterior flaps and also from the living room via a floor cover.

The new Bimobil HD 420 has an electrical system with a bus system. All devices can be switched, controlled and monitored via the multifunctional control board. This includes water levels, battery levels, heating, hot water, light with dimming function, refrigerator, water pump, step, indoor and outdoor temperature, time. The system has an intelligent energy management system and offers error analysis.

The substructure for the HD 420 is provided by the Mercedes Sprinter with selectable all-wheel drive and twin tires on the rear axle. The permissible total weight of 5.0 tons enables a payload of well over one ton. There is a choice of 163 hp or 190 hp turbo diesel engines with common rail technology and standard diesel particulate filters.

The basic price for the HD 420 in the 4x2 version is 100,000 euros.


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