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Bimobil EX 345 at the CMT in Stuttgart: For an adventure holiday next to the road

Bimobil EX 345 at the CMT in Stuttgart
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D he new Iveco Daily 4x4 convinces with 5 , 5 tons total weight and a 176 HP and 400 Nm strong common rail diesel engine. The drive power is brought to the wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and a transfer case with terrain reduction via a total of 24 forward gears and four reverse gears. The Iveco Daily has locks in the rear axle differential and transfer case as standard. An additional electric lock for the front axle costs 1,755 euros extra.

Small dimensions, full equipment

Together with the optional off-road tires, an underride guard and a six-way reinforced intermediate frame which keeps the cabin moveable, there are hardly any limits to the EX 345, even in extreme situations. The living cabin with off-road, heavy locks, hinges and flaps is deliberately kept narrow and low so that the external dimensions can be kept as small as possible.

Nevertheless, no compromises have to be made in terms of living comfort. The rear bed with the garage underneath offers an area of ​​95 cm wide x 200 cm long as a single sleeping space. With a pull-out, the bed can be widened over the seating area up to a total width of 175 cm.

Other features include a bathroom with a separable shower and cassette toilet, a wide wardrobe and a fully equipped Kitchen, all-round cupboards and various storage compartments in the cabin aprons.

The technology is also designed more for expeditions than for off-road ice cream parlors. Heating and hot water come from the Truma Combi 4, also possible as diesel heating. Frost-proof 146 liters of fresh water, 80 liters of waste water and 60 liters of gas in the tank make the EX 345 suitable for long-distance travel. The basic price for the new EX 345 expedition vehicle from Bimobil is 116,845 euros.


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