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Billion investment: GM is refreshing its range of pickup trucks

Billion investment
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G M will invest up to 1 billion dollars in new models, writes the ' Wall Street Journal 'on Wednesday (13.1.), Citing an informed person.

Missing model policy threatens GM and Chrysler

The investment comes as a surprise. Sales of the oversized, thirsty SUVs with loading space had collapsed in recent years because the fuel prices rose. The economic crisis put even more customers off buying. Instead, the Americans increasingly turned to smaller and more economical cars from foreign manufacturers.

The failed model policy is considered the main reason for the bankruptcy of GM and its rival Chrysler last year. The restart was only possible thanks to massive government aid. Present at the Detroit Motor Show , which will still last two weeks the US manufacturers now all compact and small cars.

You can earn more with trucks

Despite the slump, pick-up trucks are still part of it the most popular vehicles in North America. A resurgence in demand would come in handy for GM, as more can be earned from trucks than from smaller cars. GM wants to repay its remaining $ 6.7 billion debt to the state this year and make a profit for the first time in years.


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