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Big Toyota recall: Stuck accelerator pedals on millions of cars

Big Toyota recall
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T he problems were already known last year, the newspaper reported 'USA Today' on Monday (January 25th). Toyota went public at the end of last week. The manufacturer justified the delay with the fact that the cases had only recently increased.

In the approximately 2.3 million affected cars in the USA, it could happen that the accelerator pedal is stuck in the depressed position or only slowly returns to the starting position. Eight models from 2007 to 2010 are affected, including the off-road vehicle series RAV4, Highlander, Sequoia and the large Tundra pickup (see photo show). According to Toyota, there have been no accidents due to the defect.

Two million European Toyota vehicles may also be affected

According to Japanese media reports, two million European Toyota vehicles could also be affected by the problems. The same accelerator pedals were installed in these as in the USA. Among other things, the RAV4 off-road vehicle is sold in both markets. According to Toyota Germany, it is currently being examined to what extent there are problems in this country as well.

The technical breakdowns severely scratch the image of the Japanese manufacturer, once known for its reliability. It was only last year that Toyota launched the largest recall since entering the US market in 1957. 4.2 million cars had to go to the workshop because a loose doormat threatened to get under the brake pedal. This also affected the pickups Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra.

Further information on the Toyota-Rückruf in Germany can be found at the colleagues from auto motor and sport. There you will also find further current recall campaigns .


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