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Best-selling cars 2022: Toyota Corolla in front

The worldwide bestsellers come from Japan, the USA and Korea. European models do not matter. And the Corolla beats them all.

When it comes to the best-selling cars in the world in 2022, the focus automatically shifts to Japan, but also to the USA. Toyota was once again able to assert itself as the largest car manufacturer in the world last year. The Japanese brought a total of almost 10.5 million cars to customers.

The Corolla beats them all

So it's not surprising that the best-selling car model also comes from the Toyota portfolio. The absolute bestseller worldwide was the Toyota Corolla last year. The Japanese were able to sell around 1.12 million copies of it in all markets worldwide. In terms of total sales, every tenth Toyota was a Corolla. The compact Japanese is also the absolute best-selling car ever. As early as 2021, the Japanese celebrated the mark of 50 million models sold between 1966 and 2021.

Clearly behind, but still going strong, the RAV4 is in second place - so another Toyota. The SUV sold around 870,000 units worldwide. Everyone should know by now that the Ford F-Series is a force in the USA. In an international comparison, however, the large pick-up is also at the forefront. The Ford has almost 790,000 sales worldwide, 654,000 of them in the USA alone.

SUVs and pick-ups dominate

The placement of the Tesla Model Y shows how strongly the topic of electromobility has now arrived on the market. The US electric car has sold around 760,000. That's enough for fourth place in the world rankings. The Toyota Camry, the Honda CR-V, the Chevrolet Silverado and the Hyundai Tucson, a Korean, follow in the other places. The top ten are completed by the Toyota Hilux and the Ram pick-up. The ten bestsellers include four SUV models and four pick-ups that should actually be classified as commercial vehicles. With the Corolla, a compact model is at the top, the Camry in fifth place holds the flag of the classic notchback sedan high. Models from European manufacturers do not play a major role in the global market.

Europe is a different world

A look at the European bestsellers shows the Peugeot 208 at the forefront with 206,816 new registrations in 2022. The Dacia Sandero follows in second place in Europe with 200,550 new registrations, ahead of the VW T-Roc with 181,153 new registrations and the Fiat 500 with 179,863 new registrations. The VW Golf only ranked fifth with 177,203 new registrations.


Although everyone is talking about the SUV boom, a compact model was able to win the bestseller crown worldwide in 2022. The Toyota Corolla is by far the best-selling model on the world market. However, the rest of the top ten are dominated by SUV and pick-up models. Including even an electric car. European manufacturers are irrelevant.


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