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Best Cars 2015 Luxury class: Mercedes triumphs with S-Class

Best Cars 2015 luxury class
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The a uto motor und sport Readers have clearly voted: The S-Class is number 1 in the luxury class. And there is even an S-Class in second place - namely the Coupé.

With 19.9% ​​of the readers' votes, the Mercedes S-Class leaves a few feathers compared to the previous year, but if you add the 16.2% of the S-Class Coupé, the picture is clear : The lead over the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé is growing. The luxury BMW loses 3.2% of the votes and comes to 11.1% in the 'Best Cars 2015' category.

Porsche and its sister company Audi are in an exciting duel for fourth place can just decide for yourself. The Panamera takes 10.2%, the Audi A8 is just behind with 10.1%. A Mercedes lands in 6th place again - the CLS receives 5.5% of the readers' votes.

Tesla Model S moves silently to the top

In the import ranking of 'Best Cars 2015' There is a handover: Last year's winner Aston Martin Rapide S has to hand over the baton to the up-and-coming luxury electric sports car Tesla Model S. The American silent glider gets 23.2% of the reader's votes, the Rapide S has to let it go despite its 6-liter V12 - 22% of the reader's votes. The podium in the import ranking of the luxury class is rounded off by the Italian Maserati Quattroporte, which, however, is clearly behind with 13% of the readers' votes. The Bentley Continental GT, for which 10.7% of auto motor und sport readers chose.

All results of the readers' choice 'Best Cars 2015', is also in the double-digit range 'of the luxury class can be found in our photo show.


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