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Best Cars 2015, large SUVs and off-road vehicles: Porsche Macan wins

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Best Cars 2015 large SUVs and SUVs
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In contrast to the compact SUV, it was a comparatively close race for the larger representatives of the off-roaders Winners podium. The faster car won: the new Porsche Macan is not only favored by Porsche customers. It also refers the veteran Mercedes G, who actually has a winning subscription in the a uto motor und sport readers' choice, to second place .

They speak southern German

The top ten large SUVs are an almost entirely southern German event. Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche practically make up this class among themselves, only in seventh place can a northern light with the VW Touareg jostle between them. The good ranking of the 'mother of all SUV coupés' BMW X6 is remarkable. With fourth place, the Bayern-Brummer documents that it is obviously much more popular among car fans than is assumed in the general perception.

The most popular large SUV in the import ranking in 2015 comes from England: The Range Rover Sports. A look at the other placements shows that sales success and audience love do not necessarily have to match. The huge Cadillac Escalade is regularly at the bottom of the table in the registration statistics, but the luxury SUV occupies a respectable place in the midfield in the readers' choice. Still popular among all the luxury SUVs: angular off-roaders. The decent placements for the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender underline this.

You can see all the results of the 39th readers' choice of auto motor und sport in the category large SUVs in our photo show.


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