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Bertone Nuccio Concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2012

Geneva Motor Show 2020
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D as Bertone Nuccio Concept appears with an extreme wedge shape and is formally reminiscent to the Bertone Stratos HF Zero Concept from 1970. The front of the athlete merges almost seamlessly into a very long and very flat windshield.

Then the roof pane and roof become the rear in a barely noticeable downward movement. The A-pillars of the Bertone Nuccio Concept form a kind of full-body spoiler. The study measures just 1.22 meters in height, has a wheelbase of 2.60 meters and is 1.95 meters wide.

Bertone Nuccio Concept with 480 hp

And the study is not stingy with eye-catchers: At the front of the 4.80-meter-long Bertone Nuccio Concept there is a narrow strip of headlights, the lights of which light up more intensely when the vehicle brakes - so pedestrians can also see that the athlete is protecting their rights. For another highlight, you should look at the front spoiler with its elegant strut design.

But there is more to discover in this study. The muscular wheel arches for example, the jagged window line for example or the strong beads for example. Towards the rear, the Nuccio shows itself again with a narrow LED light band and a rounded integrated rear spoiler as well as powerful tailpipes.

And the study needs those too. After all, right in the back of the two passengers sits a 4.3-liter mid-engine with 480 hp that gasps for air and wants to get rid of its stale breath.


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