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Bentley State Limousine: This is how the Queen can be driven

Bentley State Sedan
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Queen Bentley is worth 11 million euros

The value of the sedan is given at around 11 million euros. Since 2002 the Queen has been using the B entley as a state car. A second model is kept in reserve. Based on an old Arnage - whose wheelbase has been lengthened by almost 29 centimeters - the Bentley State sedan is two meters wide and 1.77 meters high. The 'carriage' is powered by a V8 engine that generates 406 hp from a 6.75 liter displacement. The maximum torque is 825 Nm at 3,250 rpm. specified.

Queen chauffeur Joe Last lets go of this force on the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic - although Elisabeth II will certainly not be pushed into the seats by a brute acceleration aria. In a special transmission mode - 'Processional Speed' - the Bentley rolls past the subjects at 14 km /h.

swords and medals shouldn't rattle

The Bentley is painted in a special red and black and has the Queen's emblems on the doors. These can also be seen as a hood ornament and a roof element. A glass roof and a large rear window allow many views of the monarch as she rolls through the streets waving.

The bulletproof glass windows can be shut down completely - the British royal house is said to have insisted on untinted window panes during development. For the interior, fabric covers for the seats and interior lighting for night drives are provided. Wood and metal appliqu├ęs on the seats were omitted in order to prevent the loud clatter of swords or medals of the parade uniform of the Prince Consort.

For a state supportive exit, suicide doors provide plenty of space for the queen and sovereign headgear. The doors can be opened at an angle of 87 degrees. The vehicle weight of just under 3.4 tons suggests extensive safety equipment. By the way: Designer Dirk van Brackel, responsible for the Bentley Continental GT, among other things, drew the Bentley State sedan.


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