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Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner in Geneva: Luxury in the second power

Geneva Motor Show 2020
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F for Bentley Mulsanne buyers who want their luxury glider with even more Bentley has launched the new Mulliner Driving Specification. The Brit's sports package includes new 21-inch alloy wheels with titanium fasteners adopted from racing, a bright rim design and size 265/40 tires. The two-part wheels are available in a painted version as well as in a polished finish. They can also be equipped with a self-aligning wheel emblem.

Sunroof and bar as new options

The air outlets in the front fenders are made of polished stainless steel Mulliner lettering emphasized. The adaptive chassis control has been given an additional sport mode, which is selected using a rotary knob next to the gear lever. Also new are the diamond quilting of the leather on the seats and doors as well as the aluminum covers made of perforated light metal and the Mulliner door sills.

In addition to the new Mulliner Driving Specification, Bentley is also expanding the range of options for the Mulsanne. All models can now be equipped with a luxury bottle cooler with storage compartment in the rear. There is space for two champagne bottles and three hand-blown and hand-cut champagne glasses made of lead crystal. Another new feature is the optional, tinted sliding glass roof over the front seats.


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