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Bentley Bentayga Falconry and Field Sports: Special SUV

Bentley Bentayga special SUV
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I in May 2017 Mulliner had one optimized for falconry Bentayga launched, now followed with the Bentayga Field Sports, a special version for passionate hunters. The car manufacturer brought the renowned London armory Purdeys on board as a partner. Of course, the special model is again handcrafted, giving every customer the freedom to further customize their wishes.

Hunting needs in the trunk

But the basic package already offers plenty of hunting flair. The heart of the Field Sports version is a lockable trunk installation with two drawers and numerous storage compartments. The storage module is made of aluminum, the top is covered with quilted leather. The individual storage compartments are also lined with leather. Their contents include binoculars, ammunition storage, protective clothing, a knife, drinks and fine crystal glasses, a hip flask, a cigar store and a humidor. On top of it sits a gun rack that extends through the back of the seat and can hold two shotguns. On request, there is also a special bag that holds and protects special hunting clothing in a stylish manner. The hunter's best friend - his hunting dog - falls by the wayside. The Bentley Bentayga Field Sports does not provide a means of taking it along.

Black veneered drawer - decorated with a stylized saker falcon - with storage options for the equipment necessary for falcon hunting. Below this is a storage compartment in laser-engraved Hotspur leather with compartments for a GPS bird tracking device and binoculars as well as for handmade leather hoods and gloves, which are optionally available. The catering box has space for three stainless steel jugs with cups, a blanket and refreshing towels.

Shade for the hunting falcon

In a box covered with natural cork, for which a side compartment in the trunk is reserved two individual seating blocks can be kept. A double-sided protective cover - also made of cork - for the trunk floor and bumper is integrated into the trunk of the Bentayga, so that the bird can be prepared for the hunt on its seat block in the comfort of the vehicle's shadow.

The one in Hotspur- The leather interior of this Bentayga focuses on falconry: a transport perch including a strap can be placed on the central armrest if necessaryfasten while the dashboard is decorated with an elaborately crafted inlay. The desert landscape motif with a falcon consists of 430 parts.

Bentley does not name a price for the Mulliner conversion. But it's only for people with a bird anyway.


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