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Before switching to Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel gives the proll

Before switching to Ferrari
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S imagine you are getting your car out of the From the workshop and the customer service representative, a youngster with a mustache, long blond hair and a stomach in dungarees, suggests a test drive to demonstrate a strange noise - yes, exactly, you are looking for the hidden camera.

Not so for Sebastian Vettel's customers in the most recent promotional video from Tirendo, an online auto parts portal. It has been promoting Sebastian Vettel for a long time, but this time they tried to go viral. You can decide for yourself how successful the whole thing turned out - but Vettel's performance is definitely world-class and much more entertaining than his interview about the team change to Ferrari.

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A point that the video reveals: All Vettel customers drive Infiniti, the luxury brand from Nissan and in a sponsorship partnership with the Formula 1 team from Red Bull connected. Vettel, for example, lets the tires of the Q50 sedan and the SUV FX go up in smoke.

What will happen in 2015 as a result of the team change to Ferrari? A winter tire spot with the Ferrari California or a monster drift with the Abarth 695 Biposto? We will see. Perhaps Vettel will also be the gas station attendant at a pump from Ferrari partner Shell. He doesn't have to change his outfit anymore.


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