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Because of Corona: TÜV deadline extended - 2 months more time for HU

Due to Corona: TÜV deadline extended
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A ndreas Scheuer (CSU) comes in to some vehicle owners Times of the corona virus. The Federal Minister of Transport announced on 'Bild' that owners of cars whose HU badges have expired currently have four instead of two months to extend their TÜV. Since these citizens did not act negligently, no one needs to worry 'that their car does not have a TÜV,' said Scheuer. These car owners should currently not have to expect a fine.

Testing organizations keep operations going

The testing organizations want to keep their operations going. TÜV Süd has announced that it will continue to carry out general inspections at selected test centers. The mobile service, which had been suspended in the meantime, in which TÜV inspectors examine cars in workshops, was also resumed - albeit with special hygiene and minimum clearances. 'After workshops were expressly requested to keep operations going and the public service activities of the surveillance organization should continue to operate as a valid reason for the general interest and maintenance of mobility, we decided to restart our mobile service', says Jürgen Wolz, COO of the TÜV Süd Auto Service GmbH. This is based on the requirements of the individual federal states.

The situation is handled similarly at TÜV Nord, which keeps its stations open. However, the vehicle owners can currently no longer attend the inspection of their car in the test lane and are asked to pay for the inspection without cash. The Society for Technical Supervision (GTÜ) announces that 'the more than 750 test centers of the GTÜ partners as well as a large part of the test bases' are available largely without restriction. Although general inspections can currently be completed without long waiting times, it makes sense to make an appointment in advance.


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