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Beach tour with the Mercedes G 500 convertible in Sankt Peter-Ording

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Beach tour with the Mercedes G 500 Cabrio
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C ooper, Gulliver, Torben and Xerxes are history - they discharged their high pressure and moved on. Don't worry, this is not about the playlist of a polygamous lady, but about the good weather periods of 2012. More precisely, from high pressure areas whose names the FU Berlin has been selling for a good cause for over half a century.

So if you want to finally get into the news, you don't have to become a politician or do anything stupid, or even both, but simply apply to be a weather sponsor. Oh, everyone can sun? Well, the meteorologists also have nasty lows ready. After all, tastes are at least as diverse as the weather. And if you can't think of anything else - talking about it is always possible. Summer - that means rummaging in the hot sand with bare feet or sitting behind the wobbly wooden table in front of a solid bottle of red wine to watch the hustle and bustle in the harbor. Some roast in the outdoor pool, for others it has to be the sea. Summer as a synonym for beach, waves, space. And yet somehow always too short. Also in 2012. That's why we're getting it back for an autumn day, holding it tight, extending it.

Mercedes G 500 Cabrio as a well-motorized beach chair

Best in Germany's largest seaside resort, St. Peter-Ording - a beach classic that hangs around on almost every childhood hard drive. Special features: parking on the beach, seasoning the approach with a mild drift, sucking on sandy ice in the sea air, climbing stilts and wondering where the toilet flush pipes might lead. A suitable place to weld the past and present together in a stiff breeze. So in the past, if it were there. Experience several seasons in one day, sun, clouds, rain - the whole thing combined with the constant change of the tides. Automobile enthusiasts should mostly remember rushing around on the sand, right? It's great that we are using a well-motorized beach chair for our trip, the Mercedes G 500 convertible. V8. A chance hit. Actually, he was only supposed to help briefly the weekend before to transport scaffolding with his trailer hitch.

Until the neighbors came. One is at Daimler, gives a lecture on the new electronics and raves about the improved infotainment. The others say that their son is about to get a G too. The snow-white Mercedes G 500 convertible with the sultry red oneLeather and the high gloss inside is exotic and communicator at the same time. But above all, a convertible with an electric soft top. It opens with an unworthy beeping sound like a maneuvering truck with a grand gesture and just such a deflection. Roof service in the underground car park - forget about it.

Aerodynamic competence of a semi-detached house

Oh yes, and the scaffolding ? It has to wait until late in the evening to be picked up. The next day we finally set sail. From Stuttgart across Germany in search of sun, salt, sand and sea. Every gas station attendant chuckles with joy. Just like the Mercedes G 500 Cabrio when it floods its combustion chambers with Super. Under 18 liters per 100 kilometers, you don't even need to push the short automatic gear selector to D. 5.5 liter naturally aspirated engine. No turbine interferes with the gas exchange here, the eight pistons get their food on their own and pedal a maximum of 388 hp and 530 Nm. Anyone who crosses so much engine with around 2.4 tonnes curb weight and the aerodynamic competence of a semi-detached house as well as the flexibility of rigid axles and mechanical limited-slip differentials shouldn't be surprised. Not even about astronomical consumption.

No question about it, the Mercedes G 500 Cabrio is, despite all the adjustments, something that has fallen out of time, which is why it is worshiped, even if you forgive it bright piano lacquer make-up, chrome jewelry, LED Garlands as well as its blatant portrait proportions. The convertible top demands a lot from fans when it starts from around 100 km /h, humming into the ear canals and getting on the nerves of the occupant. Entertaining, listening to music - you can forget. Driving a G convertible is something exclusive. 'You shouldn't have anyone else next to me,' he urges his driver.

Mercedes G 500 Cabrio can save small ocean ferries

Already because of its steering, which works without a noticeable restoring torque and therefore needs a firm grip. And because of the combination of a short wheelbase and a high center of gravity. What do you do with such cases? One enjoys them openly, takes pleasure in their universal talent. For example, the Mercedes G 500 Cabrio picks up a small ocean ferry in an emergency, pulls it out of a mess, stoically climbs mountains with locked axles, while the leather-covered seats either warm or cool the rear of the passengers, the auxiliary heating rivals any Bullerjan.

A day on this beach replaces all summer. A time lapse with sunshine, rain, fog, clouds and salty spray. Have you ever seen how the sun presses its rays through clouds? Like supernatural fingers they stroke the silvery sand with its large puddles, like so much the work of the tides. Typical like the matjesbrötchen at the Büdchen in St. Peter-Ording - one that bites rolls, onions and matjes -, the bleating of the sheep behind the dike andthe obligatory view of the picture book lighthouse of Westerhever. It has been shining with a xenon burner since 1975, the Mercedes G only got this as standard in 2007. Incidentally, given the sign 'Warning: no restoration at the lighthouse', the thesis of a fully capitalized society in salty sea air dissolves.

Distraught looks through fur-trimmed hoods

Quite in vain, but not in vain: sunbathing on the beach promenade. Perdita, although actually a low, gives us an hour of blue sky and sunshine. Now let's hide the fresh ten degrees and the gusty wind. Anyway, it amused us just as much as the strolling tourists, who gave us perturbed looks through their fur-trimmed hoods. Alex, on the other hand, has a lot of fun, who first tests one of the large puddles on the beach parking lot with his kite, and then rocks the surf a few hundred meters further seaward until dark. Sorry, we'll break off beforehand, save ourselves in the beach pearl with warm cocoa and let the day end in an autumn mood behind the stove. Thank you, Perdita.


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