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Be careful, the fines for e-scooter drivers get so expensive!

Catalog of fines for electric scooters
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A On May 17th, the Federal Council votes on the new Small Electric Vehicles Ordinance (eKFV), which should come into force at the end of May. It is about time, because many manufacturers are already on the market with such e-scooters, many already have one under their feet, but have so far been traveling illegally, since without the applicable small electric vehicles ordinance usually no ABE can be issued /p>

But even if the Small Electric Vehicles Ordinance comes into force and the electric scooters are legal to drive around, not everything is of course allowed. Therefore, the draft eKFV is also dedicated to updating the catalog of fines. As we are used to from most fines in Germany, the regulation on fines for e-scooters is also rather low. In Germany, for example, if an e-scooter is used on the sidewalk, it can cost 15 euros. In France it is currently still allowed to use the sidewalk, but from September 2019 it will be banned and cost a fine of 135 euros.


As a rule, the manufacturer takes care of the ABE, i.e. the general operating license.

Insurance badge=insurance number or insurance sticker. Based on the regulation for mopeds and mopeds, the insurance year always starts in March of each year. Both the 12 km /h and the 20 km /h scooters are subject to insurance. The insurance can also be taken out by minors. The price of the insurance should be less than that of a moped insurance, which currently costs from 37 euros.

Lighting equipment: headlights, tail lights, rear reflectors and side reflectors similar to bicycle equipment. Depending on the design, retroreflective white stripes on the tires or rims can replace the side reflectors.

Sound system: Since the e-scooters are almost silent, they must be equipped with at least one 'brightly sounding bell for necessary danger signals'.

Source: draft bill of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Draft of an ordinance on the participation of small electric vehicles in road traffic and to change other road traffic regulations. Status: 02/26/2019


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