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BBR tunes Mazda MX-5: Turbo for the Miata

Turbocharger for the Mazda MX-5
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E in the standard Mazda MX-5 of the current ND series has a maximum of 160 hp and manages 214 km /h. If that's not enough, you can at least get help in Great Britain and the USA: The British tuner BBR has developed a turbo-charged tuning kit for the Japan roadster that gets 245 hp from the two-liter four-cylinder. Enough for a top speed of 250 km /h, as the tuner promises.

The turbo kit for the MX-5 costs around 5,000 dollars

The turbo accelerates from zero to 96 km /h -MX-5 in five seconds. The original emissions classification is retained, the TÜV approval is in progress, explains BBR. In the UK, the turbo kit costs 4,395 pounds sterling (excluding VAT).

In the US, Flyin Miata sells the turbo-tuning for 5,695 US dollars (equivalent to 5,231 euros). Flyin Miata also offers a V8 conversion - but this is considerably more complex and expensive.


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