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BBM Motorsport-BMW 350d 3T with 440 PS: Triturbo-Monster

Jordi Miranda
BBM Motorsport-BMW 350d 3T with 440 hp
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Oh dear, not yet another representative diesel in the rearview mirror. These are probably the first thoughts that spring through your head when you see the BBM Motorsport BMW 350d 3T. And yes, it's a diesel, that's right. But the BBM-BMW 350d has as little in common as s port auto with tests of camping stoves.

BBM-BMW 350d 3T with 440-hp triturbo six-cylinder

The tuners have the three-liter turbodiesel that was found in the original 245-hp BMW 330d -Base vehicle was installed, levered out and another three-liter turbo diesel was used.

Sounds strange, but it has a simple background: the newly installed in-line six-cylinder comes from the M550d. And the compresses the fresh air with three turbochargers operated by exhaust gas flow instead of - like the 330d of the E91 series - with just one mono charger. In series trim, the BMW M550d develops 381 hp and always transfers its maximum power of 740 Nm to the road via all-wheel drive.

Jordi Miranda
A Stoptech sports brake with six-piston calipers on the front axle stops the monster.

After the electronics optimization at BBM Motorsport, the unit in the 350d 3T now pumps 440 hp and 850 Nm to the rear axle. The triturbo three-man sprints to 100 km /h in 4.9 instead of 6.1 seconds. A maximum of 296 km /h is achieved, claims BBM Motorsport. Interesting: The 350d 3T would also be faster than a new BMW M3, which is allowed to drive a maximum of 280 km /h.

Axles from the old BMW E92 M3

And becauseLongitudinal dynamics alone were not sufficient, BBM gave the monstrous three-series Touring the front and rear axle constructions from an old friend: the last M3 Coupé, E92 series. This package also includes the limited-slip differential from the M-Renner, which - if necessary - can also direct all of the power to one wheel, i.e. can arrange a locking effect of up to 100 percent.

That is not enough : In the 350d 3T, BBM relies on a K&W Clubsport coilover kit with adjustable dome bearings. The experienced screwdriver can adjust the camber values ​​according to his taste. In addition, the tuner screws a Stoptech sports brake system with six-piston front and four-piston calipers on the rear axle.

The exhaust system in the 350d 3T comes from the BMW 335d and scores with a sporty, but not too flashy look. Two other things should be a matter of taste: the blue foiling and the flattened Alcantara sports steering wheel from BMW's performance tuning shelf.

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That costs the tuning

For the complete TÜV approved and approved conversion, BBM Motorsport charges around 70,000 euros. The engine conversion alone costs around 50,000 euros. Components such as the M3 axles, chassis and brakes make the account even easier by around 20,000 euros.


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