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Battery chargers for the domestic garage

We present car battery chargers for the home garage.

The price-performance winner we determined:

The battery charger CTEK 56-305 MXS 5.0 with automatic temperature compensation is available for 63.99 euros here at Amazon

The cold ones The season is almost over and with it, the fear of an empty battery. But watch out! Cold alone is not the deadly enemy of the car battery. Age also plays a role. So if you want to be on the safe side at any time of the year and want to prevent the "click, click, click" noise of the starter, you should take precautions. If you have your own garage with a power connection, nothing stands in the way of a car battery that is always charged. We present car battery chargers for the home garage.

Einhell CE-BC 1 M

Buy Einhell CE-BC 1 M here at mediamarkt.de

Buy Einhell CE-BC 1 M here on ebay

The Einhell battery charger CE-BC 1 M is a intelligent all-round battery charger with microprocessor control for a wide variety of battery types. Especially in workshops and garages, the universally usable charger fulfills indispensable services for storing seasonal vehicles, whether convertible or motorcycle, for the winter. Among other things, the versatile battery charger can be used to charge 6 volt and 12 volt vehicle batteries, as well as gel batteries, AGM, maintenance-free and low-maintenance lead-acid batteries. The battery charger is suitable for use in workshops and garages and is equipped with protection class IP65 (dust-tight and protected against water jets). The multi-stage charging cycle is microprocessor controlled and constantly monitored, the battery life is increased by the cyclically optimized charging. At the push of a button, you can choose between vehicle batteries with 6 volts and 12 volts.

AEG MB 1.0

Buy AEG MB 1.0 here at mediamarkt.de

Buy AEG MB 1.0 here at ebay

The AEG battery pulser works with a microprocessor-controlled 4-stage charging cycle. The battery is trained by charging and discharging cycles. The car battery charger has a trickle charge function for a permanent, ideal state of charge. Ideal for seasonal vehicles with long downtimes. Also suitable for charging empty batteries with low battery capacity. Extends battery life. Operation via 230 volt connection. The battery charger has a rescue function especially for deeply discharged batteries, from 1.5 V. Battery type: gel, AGM, lead-acid, maintenance-free and low-maintenance batteries 77943 here on ebay buy

The charging current of this battery charger is 6 amps. The robust housing has a carrying handle. The power cord comes with a Euro plug.The charging terminals are protectively insulated and suitable for 12V lead-acid batteries (including low-maintenance and maintenance-free batteries). The device offers a battery test function that shows the current charging status of the battery. If the polarity is reversed, the warning signal of the reverse polarity protection sounds.

CTEK 56-305 MXS 5.0

Buy CTEK 56-305 MXS 5.0 here on Amazon

Buy CTEK 56-305 MXS 5.0 here on ebay

From the company that created the first intelligent 12V battery charger: Proven cutting-edge technology used by over 40 of the world's most respected vehicle manufacturers. Reconditioning mode: RECOND mode restores batteries that are in poor condition or deeply discharged. AGM mode: Special charging program for AGM batteries for faster charging time and maximum battery life. Patented desulphation function: Batteries that are not used lose their performance and their lifespan is shortened due to sulphation. Built-in Temperature Compensation: Built-in automatic charge voltage compensation ensures the most efficient charge in extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Patented Float/Pulse Recovery: Makes the charger ideal for long-term battery maintenance. Connect and Forget: Fast, fully automatic loading programs. Select the program with the mode button and let the charger do the rest.

Buy Noco Genius 5

Buy Noco Genius 5 here on Amazon

Buy Noco Genius 5 here on ebay

It is similar to the G3500EU , but has been further improved. It's 34% smaller and delivers over 65% more power. In addition, it is easier to use and more user-friendly than ever. An integrated thermal sensor measures the ambient temperature and adjusts the charging power accordingly to avoid overcharging when it is hot and undercharging when it is cold. The device also charges almost empty batteries with only 1 volt remaining voltage as well as completely empty batteries which have zero volts remaining voltage. Easy to set up and use: plug in, connect to the battery, select a charging mode and the battery is charged. A fully automatic, hassle-free charger for year-round use.

Bosch C7

Buy Bosch C7 here at Amazon

Buy Bosch C7 here at ebay

The intelligent and automatic battery charger for lead-acid, GEL, start/stop EFB, start/stop AGM batteries for Motorcycles, cars, vans. Intelligent and automatic operation: Integrated microprocessor that recognizes the battery voltage and ensures an optimal state of charge. Easy to use: the charging process is adapted to the condition of the battery, which is started at the push of a button. Safety: Short circuit protection, overheating and auto power off.Assist Mode: Allows the vehicle to be powered when changing the battery to retain vehicle codes and settings.

Buy Victron Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/4

Buy Victron Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/4 at Amazon

Buy Victron Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/4 at ebay

The simple configuration and setup of the Blue Smart IP65 12/5 takes place via a Bluetooth interface. The device is suitable for all 12V battery types. The charging current is a maximum of 5A. The dimensions are: 47 x 95 x 190 mm. The device has a protection rating of IP65 and is therefore protected against splashing water, dust and chemicals. It also has several functions to extend battery life: automatic temperature adjustment at low or high temperatures.


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