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Batmobile from the movie The Batman by Lego Technic

Just a company car? Drive only superhero rookies! Batman owns several Batmobiles - and Lego is now also converting the latest example from the 2022 cinema adventure "The Batman" as a Technic kit.

Like so many things, the corona pandemic has also turned the film world into a mess. The ninth part of the "Fast & Furious" series, Tom Cruise's "Top Gun" reissue or the last James Bond adventure starring Daniel Craig as 007: Many blockbusters gathered dust on the shelves of the film studios while the Cinemas around the world remained in lockdown. But the movie theaters are gradually returning to normal operations - and the expensive productions are finally flickering across the screens.

Batmobile made up of 1,360 parts

The new part of the series of the same name, which is simply called "The Batman", was also affected by the problem. The world premiere was actually scheduled for June 2020. The debut of "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson as a dark knight is now announced for March 2022. But cooperation partner Lego did not want to wait that long. At the beginning of September, the Danish kit experts presented the second edition of the martial "Tumbler" , which has already been seen in several Batman films. Now Lego is following suit: From now on the brand new Batmobile from the cinema film can also be ordered as a Technic kit.

It's not quite as detailed as the tumbler; but also 1,360 parts promise lasting fun when assembling the individual stones. Notable gimmicks are the two light-up building blocks: the front one illuminates the radiator grille, while the rear one puts the engine in the limelight. The front wheels can be steered, the doors and the front hood can be opened, the flame at the rear rotates. And like the real Batmobile, the pistons of the V10 engine move in the rear, and a differential distributes the engine power between the rear wheels.

The price is $99.99

The new Lego Batmobile is 45 centimeters long, 17 centimeters wide and 11 centimeters high and is suitable for players over the age of ten. It costs $99.99 on the toy giant's official website and will be shipped starting November 1st. So there is enough time to increase the anticipation of the film with games.


Gradually, the Batcave – which is also available from Lego, albeit on a smaller scale – can be equipped with a decent fleet of vehicles. Because after the newly launched Tumbler, there will soon be the fresh Batmobile from the brand new Batman film to build yourself.


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