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Bargain alarm at Porsche: 6 models for immediate purchase

Arturo Rivas
You have to buy these six models now
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To get you two teeth right at the beginning: The term' bargain 'has to be relative and not understand absolutely, and a really inexpensive car is such a P orsche never. With those unpleasant realizations in mind, let's move on to the good part of the story. We have selected some models from the sports car manufacturer in Zuffenhausen, which - be careful - are relatively cheap in relation to their brand siblings. That is why it is said here: Better to strike today than tomorrow, because prices usually only know one direction - northwards.

To make it clear what is meant, let's start with the most unrealistic bargain. The super sports car Carrera GT is not a car that you can buy with your confirmation money in your savings account (no matter how old you are). What is available on the used car market is between 650,000 and one million euros. BUT: Compared to its kind like the Ferrari Enzo or a Pagani Zonda F, it only costs a third. Instead there is a carbon monocoque and, thanks to the screaming V10, a real racing feeling with goosebumps guarantee. Incidentally, the Carrera GT won't get any cheaper, that's for sure.

Porsche V8 at the C-Class tariff

Would you like it a little more realistic? Alright The Porsche Panamera S with its 400 hp The powerful V8 was not a particularly popular model as a manual switch. It is currently still available for a reasonable price. A copy from 2010 with less than 50,000 kilometers on the clock costs around 44,000 euros. If you are not afraid of mileage, you can get by with 10,000 euros less. So you can drive a V8 Porsche at the Mercedes E or C-Class tariff. The icing on the cake: The Panamera S is around 200 kilos lighter as a manual switch than the turbo version.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Because of housewives-Porsche: With the Boxster 986 bring a real mid-engine sports car into your home. Six-cylinder included.

If the change in the piggy bank is a bit more manageable, then maybe a Boxster 986 will do the same. Just ignore them Stammtisch-Proleten and their sayings á la 'Hausfrauen-Porsche' and 'for a real Porsche was probably not enough'. From 5,000 euros there is already open six-cylinder driving fun with 204 hp. The mid-engine sports car is agile, as is typical of the brand, and punishes the said thumpers as soon as it has a winding country road under it. Anyone who wants to and is able to take 10,000 euros into their hands also gets a car with only 80,000 kilometers and good equipment. If you want to buy with a view to the 'investment' aspect, you have to look out for the limited 550 Spyder and unfortunately also plan a larger investment. At least 30,000 euros are necessary in this case.

Classic models are also very popular; Hardly any classic car rally takes place without an old Porsche. Because of its timeless shape, fans have the 964 very popular. As the Carrera C2 Coupé, however, there are noteworthy models only after the 40,000 euro barrier. The cheapest version of this series would be the convertible, but in relation to the price increase, it is worth looking towards the Targa. Until recently, the semi-open 964 was even cheaper than the coupe version. In the meantime, the Targa has just passed and romps around in good condition at 65,000 euros and more. An increase in value seems unstoppable.

The cheapest way to drive a Porsche

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Not the most coveted model, but the cheapest if you are looking for entry into the world of classic Porsches: the 914.

But also in the oldie -Department there are ways to the Porsche that do not require a high purchasing power. A Porsche 914 you can park yourself in the garage for 8,000 euros. The Zuffenhausen-based company is sure to have nicer and, above all, faster cars up its sleeve. But this certain underdog coolness has its charm. Good roadworthy 914s with mileage below 40,000 kilometers are currently still available for around 17,000 euros. And hey, now that the four-cylinder has found its way back into the brand portfolio with the 718 Cayman and Boxster, the 914 is even gaining a bit of historical relevance. Although one would spontaneously not attest to racing genes, the 914 was the first Formula 1 safety car and made its debut at the 1973 Grand Prix in Canada.

Four-cylinder doesn't bother you, but it should be a little more power his? How about 220 hp and 330 Newton meters of torque? We're talking about the Porsche 944 Turbo, which was built until 1988. A car whose prototype '924 GTP' Walter Röhrl was able to overtake many a more powerful racing car at Le Mans because the reliable Porsche required fewer pit stops. Not least because of his success in motorsport, a street model finally came onto the market. According to classics analytics, the prices of the 944 Turbo are currently falling slightly. There are solid representatives on the used car market from as little as 18,000 euros.

So it is best to strike as long as prices are still falling (or at least not yet at the highest level). Because it won't last too long. You can now take a closer look at all the cars mentioned in our picture gallery to help you make a decision.


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