Bandit9Motors L Concept 2018

Bandit9Motors L Concept (2018)
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The L Concept from Bandit9 Motors is anything but an ordinary motorcycle. Its makers call it a science fiction masterpiece. Even the basic concept falls outside the proverbial framework, because the L Concept relies on a monocoque made of polished stainless steel, which depicts the tank, seat, frame and engine housing in one piece. Its design is clearly reminiscent of the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek.

There is only a small seat roll on the main body, the telescopic fork relies on external springs and the handlebar is extremely strongly cranked backwards and upwards. Open trains, controls, displays and lines are virtually invisible. The rear wheel is supported by two horizontal struts on the monocoque, the swing arm was designed in the style of a telescopic fork.


The L Concept is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine from the Honda shelf. A classic Mikuni carburettor takes care of the mixture preparation. It is shifted by a four-speed gearbox and started electrically. A classic chain takes over the final drive.

Bandit9 Motors
The Honda single-cylinder is hidden behind this turbine look.

You can see the engine nothing, because it is hidden in a turbine housing made of polished aluminum, from which the exhaust muffler peeps out of shame. And when the L Concept travels at speeds of up to 110 km /h, the LED rear light unit mimics a warp drive. At the front, Bandit9 relies on stylish LED headlights.


the road feel secure 21-inch wire spoke wheels, is delayed with disc brakes front and rear. All Trekkies who are now in the mood for the L Concept should hurry up. Of the planned 9 models of the L Concept, only three are still available. The price of 10,950 dollars includes delivery to your doorstep.

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