Baden-Württemberg imposes speed limit

Speed ​​limit in Baden-Württemberg
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V According to a report in the Schwäbische Zeitung, Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann (Greens) gives up his plans to test a speed limit of 120 on sections of the motorway. Apparently there are legal problems. As a spokesman for the ministry confirmed, Hermann now wants to check whether shorter sections of the autobahn should be subject to a speed limit. In contrast to what was planned in the model test, these would then have to be justified with specific hazards.

With the introduction of the speed limit, the state government wanted to find out whether this could reduce the number of accidents and traffic noise. The pilot project was initially planned for four years. A simultaneous general truck overtaking ban on these routes was not planned.

General speed limit in sight

Der The model test should have served as a model for a general speed limit on German motorways. The description of the pilot project says that routes were deliberately selected 'that are representative of the predominant BAB route network'. Excessive or inappropriate speed is the main cause of accidents on motorways.

The selected section of the A81, which so far was largely without a speed limit, is popular with test drivers from the automotive industry, among others, who do their Erlkönige .

Federal Transport Minister against model test

Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) was already at the announcement of the model test against speed limits on two highways in Baden-Württemberg. He rejects the plans of his country colleague Hermann. In a letter to Transport Minister Winfried Hermann (Greens) Dobrindt wrote that a general speed limit on motorways could only be issued by the Federal Transport Minister with the consent of the Federal Council. There is no legal basis for the pilot project.


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