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B & amp; B tunt CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake: in three stages up to 460 hp

B&B tunes Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake
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D as the multi-level B & B engine program of the CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake begins with stage one, in which the boost pressure is increased slightly and the injection and ignition maps are adjusted. This increases the power to 410 hp and 525 Nm. The price: 1,298 euros gross. 430 HP and 550 Nm are then achieved in the second expansion stage and by installing a new downpipe. This reduces the exhaust gas back pressure and the exhaust gas temperature and ensures that the exhaust gases are better discharged and the response of the engine is improved. The boost pressure is also slightly increased again in stage two, while the injection and ignition maps are also adjusted again accordingly. Additional work on the intake routes round off this optimization. Stage two costs 3,950 euros.

New turbo for the Mercedes CLA

In the third stage, the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG has 460 hp and 600 Nm. It includes a more extensive intervention in the mechanics. In addition to stage two, a new turbocharger and a modified air intake system will be installed. Finally, the engine software is then individually adapted to the changed parts. For the highest level of expansion, B&B calls for 6,950 euros. In addition to the adaptation of the 7-speed Speedshift transmission, all three stages also include the lifting of the Vmax limit. B&B recommends an additional oil cooling system for all performance levels at a price of 1,495 euros.

Upgrade downpipe brings additional horsepower

The tuners also have a sport spring set (from 398 euros) on offer. It lowers the body on the front axle by around 25 millimeters and the rear axle by around 20 millimeters. A coilover kit with adjustable height, rebound and compression is available from 1,849 euros. A new brake system also ensures adequate negative acceleration. Light alloy wheels in 8.5x20 inches with 235/30 tires round off the exterior of the tuned CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake. B&B also offers an upgrade downpipe to reduce exhaust back pressure and exhaust gas temperature. It is installed between the turbocharger and the exhaust system and reduces the exhaust back pressure - which in turn leads to an increase in output of around 20 hp. B&B charges 1,950 euros for this.


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