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B & amp; B Range Rover Evoque: Up to 300 hp for the Brit SUV

B&B tunes Range Rover Evoque
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N after optimization by B&B, the performance of the two-liter Four-cylinder from standard 240 hp and 340 Nm in the most powerful configuration to a maximum of 300 hp and 425 Nm torque. At the same time, the SUV's acceleration time when sprinting from zero to 100 km /h drops from 7.6 seconds to 6.5 seconds. After the tuning, the top speed is now over 230 km /h instead of 217 km /h.

But it can also be two sizes smaller. In expansion stage 1, the power increases to 272 hp at 400 Nm. B&B achieves this by slightly increasing the boost pressure and adapting the injection maps. In terms of price, the first expansion stage is 1,298 euros. In expansion stage 2, 286 hp and 410 Nm are achieved. The tuners also optimize the intake and air ducts. In addition, boost pressure and electronics are adjusted. In connection with a change in the torque control, the torque and the response of the motor are improved. The second stage costs 1,950 euros.

In In the first expansion stage, the tuners give the SUV 272 PS and 400 Nm.

A maximum of 300 PS are included

In the third stage finally brings B & B 300 hp at 425 Nm from the Evoque. In addition to level 2, it includes a sports silencer system which lowers the exhaust gas back pressure and the exhaust gas temperature. The new system also provides a sporty sound. In addition, the engine is individually tuned and the automatic transmission is adapted. Customers have to shell out 4,950 for this. The brake system is also adapted to the increased requirements.

B&B also offers tuning for the diesel versions of the Range Rover Evoque. So stand for the common rail diesel engines with 150 HP and 380 Nm, with 180 HP and 430 Nmas well as with 190 PS and 420 Nm several power levels are also available - up to 245 PS at 500 Nm in the highest configuration level. Prices start at € 1,298.

286 HP and 410 Nm are achieved in expansion stage 2.

Sport springs and coilover suspension

According to B&B, an additional one is recommended for all performance levels Oil cooling system including thermostat. Price: 1,295 euros. There is also an optional sport spring set for 398 euros, which is intended to optimize the driving characteristics and the look of the Evoque by lowering the body by around 30 mm. A lift kit is also available - for 498 euros - which increases the ground clearance by around 30 mm.

If you want a coilover kit, you can take one directly from B&B. It is adjustable in height, rebound and compression and costs 1,869 euros. The coilover kit from DDC, which is also offered by B&B, can be easily adjusted from the interior. Cost here: 3,495 euros. Various sports rear silencers and sports exhaust systems are also available. To make the external appearance of the Range Rover Evoque more impressive, wheels in 20, 21 and 22 inches as well as an aerodynamics package - for 3,495 euros - are available.

In stage 3 there is then a sports silencer system in addition to level 2.


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