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B & amp; B pushes the VW Golf R to 362 hp

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W The 270 HP series output in the Golf R is not enough, says B&B remedy. Optionally, the horsepower output can be increased to 310, 324 - or in the strongest version to 362 hp.

The B&B VW Golf R should sprint to 100 km /h in under 5.0 seconds

The sprint from zero to The tuned VW Golf R should reach 100 km /h then create within 4.8 seconds and trump the series counterpart by 0.7 seconds. B&B also promises a top speed of 280 km /h. To bring the VW Golf R to this level To bring the tuner built in a larger turbocharger, a different exhaust system and a racing cat. In addition, the intake system is changed and the electronics adapted - the slim-line oil cooler should help to keep the muscle-packed VW Golf R at a safe oil temperature level.

The most striking feature of the B&B Golf R are the rims

B&B offers its VW Golf R tuning customers a sportier driving experience with a set of sport springs that also lowers the body by 30 millimeters. If that's not enough, you can also switch to the adjustable coilover suspension. This means that not only can the height of the car be changed, but the rebound and compression levels can also be adjusted. As an optical fine-tuning, the B&B VW Golf R ( the VW Golf R in the driving report ) 19 inch rims on the front axle and 20 inch rims on the rear axle screwed in front of the eight-piston brake system>


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