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B & amp; B Audi TT RS tuning: in stages to the peak of performance

B&B Audi TT RS-Tuning
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The four-stage engine program for the A udi TT RS begins with a change in the electronics and a slight increase in the boost pressure to bring the 2.5-liter TFSI engine to 410 hp and 560 Nm for 1,950 euros.

For 13,000 euros to 450 hp

In level 2 for 2,950 euros, 425 hp and 595 Nm are achieved. The boost pressure is increased by around 0.25 bar, the intake and air ducts are revised and the electronic injection map is adapted to these changes. Stage 3 includes a special racing exhaust system with metal catalytic converters and appropriate electronics adaptation. The bottom line is the Audi TT RS then 442 PS and 625 Nm at a price of 8,950 euros.

In order to achieve the final output of 450 PS and 640Nm torque, a high-performance intercooler is also installed, which drives the package price to 12,950 euros. The TT RS sprints from zero to 100 km /h in 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 300 km /h.

In order to adapt the chassis to the increased engine power, 20 millimeters are needed shorter suspension springs or a complete coilover suspension are used. For the wheels, the customer can choose between different designs in 19 and 20 inches, which create space for sports brake systems with four-, six- or eight-piston calipers. A shortened shift travel allows the gears to engage more crisply.

A comprehensive aerodynamics package is available to make the TT RS look even sportier.


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