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Axle hybrid concept: Dacia Duster with eAMT from ZF

This is how the Dacia Duster becomes an all-rounder
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W in the equipment catalog of a car something of an' automated Manual transmission “reads, usually turns up his nose. Why? This transmission variant is unpopular with many drivers because it lets the passengers nod off every gear change due to an interruption in traction. The supplier and transmission specialist ZF has developed a solution to this problem that also brings a wealth of other functions to the car: the eAMT (electrified automated manual transmission) axle hybrid concept.

A tablet in the demonstration vehicle shows how the car is currently working. Purely electric, as a hybrid or front-wheel drive combustion engine.

A right-hand drive Dacia Duster from India, which is available there with an automated manual transmission, serves as a demonstration object is. ZF has planted an electric rear axle in it, which turns the Duster into a demand all-wheel drive and a plug-in hybrid. And what does that have to do with the automated manual transmission? Quite simply: the power interruption caused by opening the clutch bridges the electric motor on the rear axle with electric thrust. Thus, the propulsion remains constant even during the shifting process, which leads to a DSG-like driving experience and largely eliminates the above-mentioned 'nodding'.

Rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and electric operation

If additional thrust or more traction is required, the electric rear axle switches on and gives the Dacia an electric all-wheel drive with 90 kW more power.

Because the electric motor with 90 kW is appropriately dimensioned, it can not only give the switch-break clown, but the vehicle as well Miles away purely electric h move as rear-wheel drive. This means that the car drives in traffic jams, when maneuvering and in inner-city areas without emissions. Thanks to recuperation, the battery is also supplied with juice while driving. If you step hard on the gas pedal, the combustion engine switches on again, and both engines push the Duster forward vehemently as an all-wheel drive, which seems very surreal when you are behind the wheel of the cheap SUV. ZF software is responsible for coordinating the engines and the transmission.

Why is this a clever solution? The technology can be used to hybridize small and compact vehicles with a transversely installed front engine, without additional development effort and with little space requirement. Thanks to its compact design, the eAMT system can be integrated into existing platforms and thus provides efficient additional functions in a price-sensitive segment for little money. ZF wants to offer the eAMT to the car manufacturers in various scopes of services. The installation location of the battery system depends on this, depending on how much purely electric range is desired.


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