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AvD-Oldtimer-Grand Prix 2013: Ring of Anniversaries

Arturo Rivas, Gudrun Muschalla
AvD-Oldtimer-Grand Prix 2013
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M arc Surer presses the start button , behind him a time machine with around 1,400 hp begins to roar. Mechanic Rainer Kupferschmid pulls the plug of the external battery, his colleagues in blue and white team clothes look with satisfaction at their work. Norbert Knerr, Head of the Motorsport Department at BMW Classic, gives a short signal, the Brabham-BMW rolls out of the pits and Knerr pensively looks in the direction of the pit exit and looks back at the past: 30 years of BMW World Championship victory in Formula 1.

Pronounced turbo lag in the Brabham BMW

In 1983 Nelson Piquet became Formula 1 world champion in this car: the first driver to win the most important title in motor racing with a turbo engine behind him. Now in the cockpit is Marc Surer, who drove for Brabham in his penultimate season in 1985 and had already got to know the powerful four-cylinder turbo from Bavaria from the previous year at Arrows. 'You have to get used to such a car. It has a' moment of thought 'that lasts longer than a second - that's unbelievable,' says Surer, describing the turbo lag. 'But it is still stored somewhere in the brain.'

On the current Formula 1 circuit in the Eifel, Surer shows what is in the Brabham BMW. The Swiss lets the 30-year-old Formula 1 car fly around the track and inspires the spectators with mighty flames that shoot out of the exhaust under the rear wing before shifting down the corners: a sensational spectacle that is sure to be at the greatest moments will count in the history of the AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix.

At the historic racing weekend at the Nürburgring a year ago, the idea arose to get the world champion car back on the road together with BMW contemporary witnesses from the turbo era. On the second weekend in August 2013, things come full circle.

Marc Surer knows many OGP cars from their active days

In addition, the over 50,000 spectators at the 41st OGP will experience Formula 1 monoposto racing, which started in 1983 against the Brabham BMW in the world championship. Timo Scheibner from Frankfurt controls a Ligier JS21-Ford, which in 1983 did not give his drivers Jean-Pierre Jarier and Raul Boesel much pleasure due to the lack of turbo horsepower. It was not until the following season that the French Formula 1 team from Vichy had forced-air Renault V6s.

Scheibnershows that he is getting along better and better with the sky-blue ligier against the strong competition in the FIA ​​championship, but retires after a collision after tenth place in race 1 in the second race.

Marc Surer watches with interest what the pilots are doing in their historic monoposti. He still knows many cars from his active days: “It's fascinating that the cars have survived for so long.” A Brabham BT49C-Ford is also in the field, a former Nelson Piquet car from his first year of world championship in 1981.

Fast youngster with 3 seconds advantage per lap

But this historical preprogramming does not help Joaquin Folch against the onslaught of historical racing Offspring. The 22-year-old Michael Lyons has found his very own way of cutting the cord from his racing-crazy parents: He is simply worlds faster in his RAM-Williams FW07-Ford.

Even his comrades-in-arms get the twenties from the southeast England not tamed - Lyons Junior wins both races. He even takes care of a safety car phase in the second race, which destroys his comfortable cushion of seconds, in the style of a professional: In just one remaining flying lap he is almost three seconds ahead of the runner-up.

But good Formula 1 drivers in the historical scene do not only come from England: Alexander Furiani, who is best known as a specialist in Alfa GTA, shows two in the last Surtees Formula 1 from 1978 rousing races. The Italian, who lives in Frechen near Cologne, wins his class with top ten places in both races.

Jaguar C-Type suspicious in training fast on the move

But it's not all sunshine on the breezy summer weekend: The evening race for racing cars and GTs from the 50s and early 60s should also be part of the jubilee series . The brand world championship was held for the first time 60 years ago. But of all things, a two-seater racing car from the premiere era of this world championship is causing displeasure among competitors. The Jaguar C-Type with professional racing driver Alan Buncombe at the wheel seems to be simply too fast compared to the year of manufacture, drives the same lap times in practice as Max Werner in the nine years younger Ferrari 250 GT 'Breadvan'.

The team loses The Germans even wanted to protest against the technology, which was only thwarted by formalities. What is striking is that the bronze-colored C-Type stayed around two to three seconds below its training times per lap. Max Werner and teammate Gaby Spangenberg won the atmospheric one Evening race in front of Buncombe. Any other result would have been strange, 'remarked race organizer Hubertus Graf Dönhoff at the award ceremony.

Racing ace Wolfgang Kaufmann and hisComrades-in-arms from the revival of the German racing championship, on the other hand, pay homage to the jubilee from Zuffenhausen with two exciting races in the cult series of German motorsport, and with numerous Porsche 911 and 935. Porsche itself is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a large parade on the Grand Prix track.

Derek Bell in Stefen Bellof's record Porsche 956

Far away from the main action, the Probably the most emotional moment of the weekend: Like his racing driver colleague Marc Surer, the five-time Le Mans winner and ex-Porsche works driver Derek Bell starts a time machine. He is doing a lap of honor in the Porsche 956 that he started with Stefan Bellof on the ring 30 years ago. Bellof, who had a fatal accident in 1985, achieved a fabulous record lap with his car in training: 'It was fantastic, a record that is set in stone,' recalls Bell.

Results 41st AvD- Oldtimer Grand Prix Nürburgring, GP circuit

FIA Masters Historic F1, Run 1

  1. Michael Lyons (GB) RAM Williams -Ford (1980)
  2. Steve Hartley (GB) Arrows A4-Ford (1982)
  3. Joaquin Folch (E) Brabham BT49C-Ford (1981)
FIA Masters Historic F1, Run 2
  1. Michael Lyons (GB) RAM Williams-Ford (1980)
  2. Joaquin Folch (E ) Brabham BT49C-Ford (1981)
  3. Steve Hartley (GB) Arrows A4-Ford (1982)
FIA Formula Junior, Race 1
  1. David Methley (GB) Brabham BT6-Ford (1963)
  2. Michael Hibberd (GB) Lotus 27-Ford (1963)
  3. Tommaso Gelmini (I) Branca-Ford (1963)
FIA Formula Junior, Race 2
  1. David Methley (GB) Brabham BT6-Ford (1963)
  2. Michael Hibberd (GB) Lotus 27-Ford (1963)
  3. Manfredo Rossi di Montelera (I) Lotus 22-Ford (1962)
FIA Masters Sports Car, Race 1
  1. Stefano Rosina (GB) McLaren M8C-Ford (1970)
  2. Martin O'Connell (GB) Chevron B19-Ford (1971)
  3. Jason Wright (I) Lola T70 Mk3B-Chevrolet (1969)
FIA Masters Sports Car, Run 2
  1. Stefano Rosina (GB) McLaren M8C-Ford (1970)
  2. Jason Wright (I) Lola T70 Mk3B-Chevrolet (1969)
  3. John Sheldon (GB) Chevron B19-Ford (1971)
Revival DRM, run 1
  1. Wolfgang Kaufmann (D) Porsche 935 K3 /80 (1980)
  2. Daniel Schrey (D) Porsche 935 K3 (1979)
  3. Christopher Stahl (D) Poirsche 934/5 (1976 )
Revival DRM, run 2
  1. Wolfgang Kaufmann (D) Porsche 935/80 (1980)
  2. Daniel Schrey (D) Porsche 935 K3 (1979)
  3. Christopher Stahl (D) Porsche 934/5 (1976)
2-seater racing car 1960, 1 hour
  1. Max Werner /Spangenberg (D /D) Ferrari 250 GT 'Breadvan' (1962)
  2. Alex Buncombe (GB) Jaguar C-Type (1952)
  3. Walker /Griffiths (GB /GB) Lotus Eleven Le Mans(1957)
2-seater racing car 1960, run 2
  1. Alex Buncombe (GB) Jaguar C-Type (1952)
  2. Philip Walker (GB) Lotus Eleven Le Mans (1957)
  3. Jürg Tobler (CH) Lola Mk1-Climax (1960)

Results 41st AvD-Oldtimer-GP Nürburgring

Historic GP Cars, Run 1

  1. Philip Walker (GB) Lotus 16-Climax (1959)
  2. Julian Bronson (GB) Scarab-Offenhauser (1960)
  3. Tony Smith (GB) Ferrari Dino 246 (1960)
Nürburgring Trophy (Nordschleife)
  1. K. Jodexnis /W. Destrée (D /D) Porsche 911 S /R (1971)
  2. S. Oberdörster /A. Gülden (D /D) Porsche 911 S (1970)
  3. Christian Limmer (D) Porsche 911 (1969)
Gentleman Drivers GT until 1965
  1. Alex Buncombe (GB) Jaguar E-Type (1962)
  2. McInerney /McInerney (GB /GB) TVR Griffith (1965)
  3. Yvan Mahe (F) AC Cobra (1963)
Pre 1940, run 1
  1. Gareth Burnett (GB ) Alta Sports (1936)
  2. Alfredo von Ketteler (D) Delahaye 135S (1936)
  3. Josef Otto Rettenmaier (D) Maserati 8C 3000 (1932)
Pre 1940, run 2
  1. Josef Otto Rettenmaier (D) Maserati 8C 3000 (1932)
  2. Alfredo von Ketteler (D) Delahaye 135S (1936)
  3. Sue Darbyshire (GB) Morgan Threewheeler (1929)
BMW race, run 1
  1. Christian Traber (CH) BMW M1 Procar (1979)
  2. Johnny Cecotto (D) BMW M3 E30 Gr. A (1990)
  3. Hans Wagner (D) BMW M1 Turbo Schnitzer (1981)
BMW race, run 2
  1. Hans Wagner (D) BMW M1 Turbo Schnitzer (1981)
  2. Michael Kammermann (CH) BMW M1 (1979)
  3. Christan Traber (D) BMW M1 Procar (1979)
AvD Touring Car Trophy
  1. Graham Wilson (GB) Lotus Elan (1963)
  2. Palle Pedersen (DK) Ginetta G4 (1964)
  3. Roger Adamsson (S) Lotus Elan (1965)
23. AvD Historic Marathon (Nordschleife)
  1. O. Ellerbrock /A. Furiani (D /D) Alfa Romeo GTA (1965)
  2. R. Gröpper /H.Walther (D /D) Ford Mustang (1965)
  3. A. Fatemi /W. Kaufmann (D /D) Porsche 904/6 (1964)
Historic GP Cars, Run 2
  1. Philip Walker (GB ) Lotus 16-Climax (1959)
  2. Julian Bronson (GB) Scarab Offenhauser (1960)
  3. Josef Otto Rettenmaier (D) Maserati 250F (1957?)


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