Autostadt Las Vegas: The Sinful Mile

The streets of Las Vegas
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J every night there is the same picture. As soon as the desert sun has set behind the shimmering red hills, the glistening bright advertising messages transform Las Vegas Boulevard into a visual super-disaster.

The Strip becomes a stage - not least for the thousands of cars that are moving around Slide past mega-hotels like Treasure Island, Hollywood Palace, Venetian or Bellaggio night after night at a snail's pace.

Car dealers as attractions

Wolfsburg proudly sees itself as a car city and Rüsselsheim and Saarbrücken also make a serious name for themselves through little more than their car production sites. Hardly any other city in the world has more attractions than Las Vegas. But in the state of unlimited play opportunities, the car is much more than a vile means of transportation.

The gigantic car dealers are in no way inferior to the urban castles of the Las Vegas Strip; however, are preferably on the arteries towards Henderson in the south of the player city. Mega dealers like Toyota Centennial or Dodge Towbin are almost as well known in Vegas as Circus Circus or the Wynn Hotel. Car and financial crisis or not - hundreds of vehicles boast of their advantages on the sales points. Auto Mall Drive leaves no doubt as to how money is made in the area. BMW, Toyota, Ford and Mercedes.

Car, now!

In view of these amounts of cars there is still money to be made here, one might think. But the courtyards crowded with cars are no exception in the United States. The inclined volume customer does not wait for his dream mobile or even order it. After a successful purchase, he wants to drive it straight from the farm - the next day at the latest.

Car salesman Chip with TV show and comic characters

Dodge Towbin is at least visually a dealer like any other. But the burly company owner is not only known like a sore thumb in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas. Chip, as everyone here calls him, has followed in the footsteps of father and grandfather since he was 14 years old. Formerly from New Jersey, Chip has made a name for himself throughout the USA with his company Towbin.

The largest Dodge dealer in the country is the only one with a nationwide television show in which cars are sold. The times when Chip offered his cars alone like an American Walter Freiwald are long gone. With comic characters that have become reallike Blue Genius, Big Sally from Green Valley or the snake charmer, those produced every two weeks have become a bestseller. Always dressed in black, Chip now has 50 salespeople and makes around 750 cars a month. “The average price for a car is $ 17,500,” says Chop. “There's no car that I can't sell. Some run better - others run worse. Ultimately, it only depends on the price anyway. ”

Smart instead of Hummer

The fact that Americans are increasingly drawn to smaller cars as a result of the surge in gasoline prices , the star seller cannot confirm: “The most popular with us is the Dodge Charger.” Right behind it is the Dodge RAM, which is now also available from Townbin with the clean diesel called Bluetec. But recently Chip launched the Hummer brand and instead brought Smart on board. “The car will run for us too,” Chip is convinced, “it's less about size. Everyone in Vegas wants to stand out. It's a real auto city like Los Angeles or Miami. ”

Back on Las Vegas Boulevard; one of the largest poser miles in the world. During the day tens of thousands of taxis, stretch limousines and rental convertibles squeeze their way over the hot mile in the desert. The cars drive at walking pace, because first-time visitors in particular can hardly get the cameras out of their hands in the traffic. But it only gets bad after sunset. When the megacity in the Nevada desert takes off into the seventh heaven of entertainment, then nothing works on the Strip. But even away from the six to eight lane boulevard of the vanities, the cars have a permanent place in the entertainment program of the visitors. There is hardly a casino that does not have a luxury convertible like a BMW 335i Cabriolet or the omnipotent Dodge Viper GTS on its slot machines as an unattainable main prize. Increasingly, luxury car brands with salesrooms in the hotels are also spreading along the Strip. The Wynn Hotel, shaped like a sun sail, started with the noble Italian duo of Maserati and Ferrari. Most recently, a Lamborghini dealer opened in the still young Hotel Palazzo, which wants to go to the market with Gallardo and Murcielago.

Spontaneous car purchase: When lucky knights shop

Luxury sports cars and successful lucky knights - that one hardly works without the other. On the one hand, a sales room in a prestigious location like Las Vegas creates a lot of image. On the other hand, one hopes to be able to tap winners of large sums of money with an impulse purchase. It doesn't even have to be a new car. One of the most exclusive motor shows in the USA has been located on the fifth floor of the Hotel Imperial Palace for years. The special feature: every car in the Auto Collection is available for purchase. “Once we had someone who won $ 150,000 at night. The next morninghe visited our exhibition and fell in love with a coupé and took it straight away, ”says Rob Williams. Every day between 2,000 and 3,000 tourists visit the Imperial Exhibition. After all, many people want to see something different apart from the gaming tables and one-armed bandits.

About rental cars and priceless exotic cars

There are vintage cars like a 1938 Packard 1608 Brunn for $ 250,000, a 34 Pierce Arrow for $ 185,000 or a 53 Cadillac Ghia is just about right. Rita Hayworth drove that at the time. The rare beauty with golden rims and beige leather interior is one of only two coupés of this type that were previously built. 'Unfortunately not for sale at the moment,' says museum director and car salesman Rob Williams, 'the value is four million dollars.' also cheaper. The cheapest model is a black 1960 VW Beetle - for $ 16,500. “99 percent of the cars in the last few months went overseas,” says Willams, “especially Europe. We sell one classic car a day. ”

The car collection was set up by Ralph Engelstrad at the time. The multimillionaire owned the Imperial Palace for many years and was an avowed car fanatic. He owned more than 1,000 vehicles himself. When he moved from Las Vegas before his death in 2002, Rob Williams and his family attended the exhibition. A similarly small, but hardly less exclusive exhibition is located in the Hotel Caesars Palace. Also open from morning to evening and more than worth seeing. However, the cars can only be bought on special request. For many, just the right change in the tough everyday life of gambling and show programs. If you don't want to afford any of the exclusive luxury models, you can still rent a luxury car on the Strip. The extra-long stretch limousines based on the Hummer H2 or Lincoln Town Car are equally popular at bachelorette parties or parties. Those who prefer to get behind the wheel instead of a mobile party can rent a cool convertible from BMW, Mercedes or Porsche on the Strip. There are even two red Dodge Vipers - in case the main prize has not yet worked out this time. That's Las Vegas.


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