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Autonomous safety vehicle for mobile construction sites

Danger of roadworks
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U nfallschwerpunkt Mobile construction sites are their inflow and the associated protection. Again and again there are serious rear-end collisions.

Against this background, an association of eight partners from industry, research and administration as part of the “aFAS” project is developing the prototype of a safety vehicle that automates mobile construction sites on the hard shoulder follows a motorway and secures it against the flowing traffic.

The new technology should help avoid accidents.

Truck will be upgraded with autonomous technology

As part of the 4 Years of project, which started in 2014, a truck with a warning board is being converted to driverless operation. The prototype is to be tested in Hessen on the shoulder of the autobahn.

For the development of the vehicle, the extensive use of series components, both for regular control and for the implementation of functional safety aspects, is intended. The environment is recorded with the help of near-series camera and radar systems, which include include object, lane and open space detection. The sensor system is flanked by the transmission of relevant information between the work vehicle and the safety vehicle via a wireless connection.


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