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Autonomous motorcycle: BMW drives without a driver

Autonomous motorcycle
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U It is the carmakers who are trying to reduce the number of accidents in road traffic the use of assistance systems. But the two-wheeler industry is not idle in this field either. With a self-driving prototype based on the large enduro BMW R 1200 GS, which was presented at the BMW test site in Miramas, BMW is now showing how safety and driving pleasure can be further increased for motorcyclists.

ABS , also with lean angle function, as well as traction and wheelie control are now available in many bikes. Systems such as Blind Spot Assist, adaptive cruise control, collision warning systems and emergency braking assistants are about to go into production.

zen. And no, the Bavarians are not working on allowing motorbikes to drive autonomously without a driver in the future, but an early recommendation for action could lead to more safety, and a corresponding control system could offer even more stability in a critical driving situation. The vision of a motorcycle that, controlled by the app, fetches the rolls in the neighboring village on Sunday morning, then hands them over to the butler robot, who then serves them to bed is appealing, but not the goal of the development.

The autonomous one Thanks to an automated clutch, the BMW GS prototype can start up independently, implement steering impulses and throttle commands via remote control, and can brake and stop. To prevent the boxer from falling over, an automatically unfolding side stand was placed on the right-hand side of the vehicle. The GS needs help to start again, because a gyroscopic top that stabilizes the motorcycle when it is stationary is not applied.


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