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Autonomous driving: insurance companies want to wait and see

Autonomous driving
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Experience with ABS has shown that the advantages of safety systems are consumed by riskier driving, said HUK manager Jörg Rheinländer a uto motor und sport . 'We have to see how large an assistance system actually contributes to accident avoidance,' says Rheinländer, head of the composite actuarial department at HUK-Coburg.

Safety benefits are often used up by high-risk driving

There are studies by insurers' accident research that suggest that these systems can prevent accidents. But practical experience is crucial.' Introduced as ABS the insurance industry assumed a positive influence on claims and gave an introductory discount of ten percent. But afterwards it even turned out that the risk behavior changes - if you have more safety systems in the car, you drive more riskily. ”

Liability issues would soon have to be clarified by the legislature. There should be no deterioration for accident victims, said Rhinelander. 'The mechanisms of the insurance must remain as simple as before, even with autonomous driving. As the injured party, I must always have the opportunity to assert and enforce my claim directly against the motor vehicle liability insurance.'


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